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Anything Goes: SuMo HYPE! 6 Pokemon I am excited to use in Sun & Moon!

Alola, PUCLonians! Welcome to another edition of Anything Goes! The hype is palpable! As of this article being published, Sun and Moon are less than 100 hours from being available! It is very close. Unfortunately, Game Freak has found it necessary to reveal nearly every Pokemon, both new Pokemon and Alolan forms, to us before the …

Anything Goes: Too Spoil or Not to Spoil? The answer is Yes! (NO UNOFFICIAL SPOILERS)

Hello PUCLonians! Welcome back to another edition of Anything Goes! This week, we have a bit of a treat because Sublime Manic, Whimsicott, and myself are taking on the same topic but from different perspectives. Last week, Sublime wrote about why he loves spoilers and wants to soak up every bit of information that he …