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Double Trouble: As Luck Would Have It (Because She Does)

Prepare for trouble, and, as always, make it double, Puclonians! It is time for what could perhaps be considered an especially troubling installment of Double Trouble! Prepare for… an opinion piece! Flinch hax. Para hax. Freeze hax. Focus Miss. Stone Miss. Rock Slide DOUBLE MISS. Critical Hit. Swagger. Dark Void. When playing Pokémon, there is […]

In the Meta: Eelektross

Slithering, swimming, and swooping into the PUCL spotlight this week is the glorious Eelektross. With its elegant sucker and shocking powers, Eelektross knows how to stun the crowd both figuratively and literally. With a very specific physical and special move pool, combined with the only typing + ability duo making it immune to *nearly* everything […]

Battles at Nationals: A PUCLcon Exclusive

Hello to all of the wonderful readers in the PUCL community. For my article this week, we will be exploring some of the most riveting battles I personally had at Pokemon Nationals in Indianapolis. While this may at first sound self-absorbed, I assure you that many of these battles are situations every battler should learn […]

In the Meta: Crobat

Warning: The author of this article is incredibly biased to Crobat’s usefulness in nearly every competitive battling scenario. Absolutely perfect in form and function, the magnificent beings known as Crobats bless us with their divine providence nearly every day. While some trainers are more appreciative of their eternal sacrifices, others choose to regard this fantastic […]

In the Meta: Arbok

Slithering into PUCL’s spotlight this week is the classic snake antagonist, Arbok. With beautiful patterns and a regal demeanor, Arbok paralyzes and demolishes its many prey. Unfortunately, this beautiful Pokemon has been locked away in the depths of NeverUsed, when it deserves so much more. The key to Arbok’s success is to determine which of […]

In the Meta: Doublade

  Often fantasized as a sort of epic weaponry for their trainers in many fanfictions, the Generation VI sword Pokemon are no laughing matter when it comes to battling. Although Aegislash almost made it back to OU by a narrow margin, it was deemed too powerful and remains in the Ubers realm. However, its purple […]

In the Meta: Talonflame

Hide your Staraptors and Swellows and barricade your windows, because the VGC God Talonflame has graced us with its divine and flaming presence. Apparently determined to steal the spotlight from almost every single one of its avian brethren, this Kalos native is not afraid to charge head-first, or should I say beak-first (Pause for a […]

In the Meta: Shuckle

The Mold Pokemon. You can’t get much cooler than being the Mold Pokemon, am I right? Well, that’s exactly what PUCL’s focus this week is with our dear yellow friend Shuckle. This antisocial little fellow spends most of its life hiding under rocks, but it also expresses a fond interest in drinking the juices of […]

In the Meta: Staraptor

With a dapper haircut and an ego to back it up, Staraptor is soaring into PUCL’s spotlight this week. Frankly, as far as strategy goes, Staraptor’s options are pretty clear-cut. Basically, you’re are going to charge into your opponent at full power or speed and hope that they don’t get a chance to retaliate. Fortunately, […]

In the Meta: Serperior

Are you the type of Pokemon trainer who just keeps all your PP Ups and Maxes in your bag without really understanding when using them would every really pay off? Well if you are, then prepare to finally have a use for them because Serperior is slithering to town with some tricks up its… ummmm… […]

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