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Pokemon News Issue #135

  Welcome back to Pokemon News! After quite a long hiatus since USUM’s launch, we’re back with some important news to discuss. Since my absence, it seems not much has changed; the anime podcast hasn’t occurred, Scron has seized control form Thatch yet, everything seem to be ok. So without further ado, let’s get into […]

Trainers of Kanto: Sentient PokéBall

Ahoy PUCL peeps! This was been a busy week. The S.S. Gravy sprung quite a few leaks on our way to the Alola region. It took some time for my Galvantula, Solaire, to patch things up with Sticky Web, but we are now continuing on our way. Before I introduce today’s featured trainer, I want […]

Anything Goes: Board Games and Pokemon

Hello PUCLonians and welcome to a special edition Anything Goes. I don’t usually post on Thursdays but I just did something that I am really excited about and couldn’t wait to share it! In the Hoenn region, Team Aqua has just released Kyogre into the world. Not understanding the gravity of their actions, the beast […]

The Fluff: Venusaur’s Charm

Hello, my dear PUCLonians, and welcome to a very special edition of The Fluff! See, after 30 weeks, Snag and I finally got a request for the topic of our articles! It came from The Bocefus himself, as you probably remember from the last show, and he asked us to write about Venusaur. Now, I’m […]

The Underground Star Scoop: Origins Ep. 4

Salutations good PUCLonians and welcome to this week’s edition of The Underground Star Scoop! This week we will be finishing off our coverage of the Origins Special series, celebrating Pokemon’s 20th Anniversary and the upcoming Pokemon Day! We’re picking up from Red’s victory against Team Rocket’s Giovanni and his challenges against the strongest Pokemon Trainers […]

Pokemon News Issue #87

Welcome back to the long awaited next installment in Pokemon News here on PUCL. I don’t know how this happened, but I’ve gone from having no news for about three weeks to having nearly too much news to talk about. So let’s dive in and break down all the that Pokemon has to offer. First […]

Breaking Card: World Champion Archie’s Blastoise

An Unexpected Champion Welcome Puclfans to a new installment of Breaking Card, where we analyze, critique and break down our favorite TCG. Last week was the Pokémon World Championship and it was bloody amazing. The best players from around the world came together in a tournament that would crown who was the best, the very […]

Double Trouble: Celebrate MickeyPanda

Prepare for Trouble, and, as always, make it Double, Puclonians! It is time for a VERY special installment of Double Trouble. Did you read the word “Celebrate” in the title? You read titles before clicking to read more, right? Of course you do. So you know what that means! Yup. We’ve had a birthday! August […]

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