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Pokemon News Issue #132

  Welcome back to another exciting issue of Pokemon News here on PUCL. Its a very important issue this week, as we got a very very big update to USUM. So without further ado, let’s break this sucker down.   Probably the biggest thing that was confirmed was the existence of Team Rocket in the […]

Locke On: Serebii Creator Joe Merrick

Greeting PUCLonians, This time we have a very special guest. With news breaking all over the world, and rumors flying mere hours before the latest Pokémon Direct, I hit the streets seeking interviews with anyone noteworthy. Never did I expect to run into today’s guest. An exclamation mark burst wildly above my head as I […]

Anything Goes: Start of the year? Let’s talk starters!

Starter Pokemon are some of the most beloved Pokemon that you will have during your journey. Everyone has their first: maybe you grabbed a Charmander before you stepped on Route 1, or you snatched up a Mudkip to save Birch, or chose a Chespin because you didn’t like the fully evolved forms of the other […]

Anything Goes: But hey, that’s just a theory…

When people obsess with something such as Pokemon, their minds often wander from the story that is presented. These thoughts are often unique, intriguing, and, in some case, plausible. This is where fan theories come into play. There are almost as many fan theories as there are Pokemon. This week I will discuss some of […]

Anything Goes: Snag’s Halloween Tradition

Hello everyone! Welcome to the special Halloween edition of Anything Goes. I don’t have anything spooky or scary to contribute for this, but I do have something that is fun (at least for me). I have had the honor of being a father for over 5 years now. I have also been lucky enough to […]

Today’s Topical Type is: Starters!

Hello, my dear PUCLonians, and welcome to a trilogy of special reports from yours truly! I may have run out of actual Pokémon types, but I feel there are a few special categories of Pokémon you might still want to see researched. So of course we’ll start from the very beginning of any Trainer’s journey… […]

Today’s Topical Type is: Fire!

Hello, my dear PUCLonians! How are you all doing? Here in Nuvema Town, the days are getting shorter and chillier… I have to be careful when I step outside, so that I don’t get swept away by a gust of strong wind, or soaked by a heavy rain (which would solve the getting swept away […]

The Roleout: Wallbreakers

Hello everyone! Welcome to yet another addition of The Roleout! Where each week I pick a competitive role to analyze. Also this weeks giveaway is yet another great Poke up for grabs! So let’s get to it! Last week I asked the citizens of PUCL to choose between Defogger and Spinner. While a couple of […]

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