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Back to the Lab: RU Ready to Rumble?

Hey there, pangobros, you already know who it is, and we’re back in the lab to continue our series on lower tier evaluation. Since our last discussion, a whole slew of changes have hit UU, so I’ve made added a slight change to the end of the article here. But we’re here to talk about […]

Back To the Lab: Synergy and Cores in Team Building

What’s good guys, It’s Aero and we’re back in the lab again for some discussion about competitive team building, and some of the key ideas to consider when you are choosing your first ‘mons. This will be a part of an on-going series where I touch upon many of the different aspects of building, culminating […]

Trainers of Kanto: Ryusei

Hola, to all my gorgeous PUCLonions out there! We are two weeks into the UUTC and I’m afraid that I am terrible at battling Pokémon. Yes, I lost my first two battles. It wasn’t even close. I was obliterated and left on an island to survive with nothing but a bunch of stupid FedEx packages […]

In the Meta: Porygon-Z

Jittering its way into PUCL’s spotlight this week is the pink and blue technological anomaly known as Porygon-Z. While this Pokemon may be artificial, its origins have yet to be fully determined. Personally, since the Silph Company developed the original Porygon and the Upgrade, I believe a rival company such as the Devon Corporation developed […]

In the Meta: Diggersby

Disclaimer: It is entirely circumstantial that this article has been released right before Easter. By no means consider that there is any sort of correlation that Diggersby, a Pokemon that looks severely like a rabbit / bunny, is being released the day before children search for eggs with candy inside that were hidden by a […]

In the Meta: Electivire

It’s that special time at PUCL again where the staff gets to annoy our benevolent founder with ample “Happy Birthdays” and merry cheer. Other than sending Thatch a picture of Napoleon Dynamite, I shall honor his creation of such a fantastic Pokemon-themed community by analyzing the singles viability of another one of Thatch’s favorite Pokemon, […]

In the Meta: Weavile

Stealing its way into the PUCL spotlight is the ever elusive egg stealer known as Weavile. Although rarely seen nowadays in Over Used, this little thief still seems to steal the hearts of some fervent battlers. With a great Attack and Speed stat, it’s no surprise that this Pokemon has managed to hang on the […]

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