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Anything Goes: Snag’s Halloween Tradition

Hello everyone! Welcome to the special Halloween edition of Anything Goes. I don’t have anything spooky or scary to contribute for this, but I do have something that is fun (at least for me). I have had the honor of being a father for over 5 years now. I have also been lucky enough to […]

The Splash: Past Pokemon Cosplays and Baltimore Otakon

Greetings PUCL! Beorn here with another exciting edition of The Splash. This week I discuss my past Pokemon Cosplays and briefly touch on my experiences at past Otakon. I chose this topic because this weekend is Otakon, a massive anime convention (35,000 people), in my local city Baltimore. Having just packed my bags and gathered […]

Memory Link: It Hurts When I Squirtle

You know you’ve made it when you get parodied. Not that Pokemon needed that kind of proof. By 1999, Pokemon was a booming pop culture phenomenon in school yards, in homes, and on television screens across North America. It was big enough by November of that year that questions about the franchise were fair game […]

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