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Pokemon New Issue #110

Welcome back to another exciting issue of Pokemon News here on PUCL. Well, I was dealt a bad hand last week. Pretty much all of the CoroCoro leaks that I talked about in issue #109 were officially revealed the very day that the #109 went up, and then some. So now I’ve got to play […]

Trainers of Kanto: Ten Little Men

Ahoy PUCL Onions! Capt. Gravy here with another edition of Trainers of Kanto. But first, a public service announcement. The S.S. Gravy has seen better days. Recently, my fair ship and her crew have been the constant prey of an ancient and ghostly vessel bearing only the name: News Dump. This spectral schooner with its […]

Anything Goes: Board Games and Pokemon

Hello PUCLonians and welcome to a special edition Anything Goes. I don’t usually post on Thursdays but I just did something that I am really excited about and couldn’t wait to share it! In the Hoenn region, Team Aqua has just released Kyogre into the world. Not understanding the gravity of their actions, the beast […]

Anything Goes: I want to be the very best… but I can’t use this

Competitive play is one of the biggest aspects of Pokemon. There are several competitions held at Pokemon Leagues, Regional events, as well as the more prestigious events such as Nationals and Worlds. The main focus of the game is battling against other trainers and competing against trainers, gym leaders, the Elite 4 and the Champion. […]

The Roleout: Revenge Killer

Hi all! Welcome to the Roleout, where every other week I pick a new competitive role to talk about and analyze! I have gone through a lot of different roles over the past few months. These articles have almost become sort of a guide I have written to understand competitive aspects in Pokemon. I urge […]

The Roleout: Stalls

Hello everyone! Welcome to another edition of the Roleout. Where every week I pick a competitive role to discuss and analyze. A couple people have commented on things they would like me to write about. Thank you for your input, these suggestions will be in high consideration. Let’s move on to this week’s role.   […]

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