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Anything Goes: I want to be the very best… but I can’t use this

Competitive play is one of the biggest aspects of Pokemon. There are several competitions held at Pokemon Leagues, Regional events, as well as the more prestigious events such as Nationals and Worlds. The main focus of the game is battling against other trainers and competing against trainers, gym leaders, the Elite 4 and the Champion. […]

Anything Goes: Things That Should Be Fixed

If you are reading this, you probably love Pokemon. These games are amazing and keep getting better with age (except Gen V). With that being said, there are some things that could be adjusted or modified to make the whole experience better or more coherent. Below, I have a few suggestions that might fix things […]

In the Meta: Electivire

It’s that special time at PUCL again where the staff gets to annoy our benevolent founder with ample “Happy Birthdays” and merry cheer. Other than sending Thatch a picture of Napoleon Dynamite, I shall honor his creation of such a fantastic Pokemon-themed community by analyzing the singles viability of another one of Thatch’s favorite Pokemon, […]

Beorn’s Splash: Electivire

Greetings PUCL! I hope everyone’s UUTC experiences are going well, against my initial judgement I have actually advanced to round 4 in the losers bracket, after a very close match. The man of my match was definitely Infernape, which laid down some solid damage before getting knocked out, way to go! Well on to the […]

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