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Anything Goes: But… Zygarde

Hello everyone! If you haven’t heard the news by now… Where have you been!? Under a rock!? By no means should I be the first source you have for finding out about Pokemon Sun and Moon (SM). Before you read my article, you need to make sure you’ve done two things. First, if you haven’t […]

Anything Goes: Gym Battle Format

Hello Dear PUCL Readers, I hope each of you had a great Thanksgiving, if you celebrate, or a great Thursday otherwise. This week, Whimsicott and I are doing something a little different. Our articles will not coincide this week as I work retail in America and has probably worked over 50 hours this week by the time […]

Pokemon News Issue #81

Welcome to the newest issue of Pokemon News. Only two things to talk about today, but they are pretty big things to talk about. So let’s dive in. In distribution news, at long last, Hoopa will be distributed within the United States, but not at GameStop like you think. Hoopa will distributed between November 27th […]

A Spirited Battle Against the Spirit Leader

I’ve always heard stories about the fabled Ecruteak City. Two majestic towers once stood tall here. One still remains, towering to the sky and the other sits crumbled to the ground as a sad reminder of what once was. This town is steeped in majestic tradition. The legends of this region have originated from this […]

Battle Against the Hometown Hero

I’ve always looked at this gym from a distance. I could see it from my room across town. I would always watch as boats full of trainers that would sail in with the main purpose of going for the badge. The ones who surfed in on their own Pokémon usually had the best chance of […]

Pokemon News Issue #68

Welcome to the newest issue of Pokemon News here on PUCL. A couple of thing to talk about, so lets get underway. In movie news, surprisingly this isn’t about the upcoming “Hoopa and the Clash of Legends” movie, but rather a documentary about the VGC. Yes you heard me right. A documentary is currently being […]

Pokemon News Issue #42 (Demo Special)

Welcome to a very exciting issue of Pokemon News, because if you are in the United States, then you are already playing playing the U.S. release of the ORAS demo. So lets break down the contents of the demo. For starters, two new megas have been introduced in the demo and each mega is accessed […]

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