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Anything Goes: But hey, that’s just a theory…

When people obsess with something such as Pokemon, their minds often wander from the story that is presented. These thoughts are often unique, intriguing, and, in some case, plausible. This is where fan theories come into play. There are almost as many fan theories as there are Pokemon. This week I will discuss some of […]

A Spirited Battle Against the Spirit Leader

I’ve always heard stories about the fabled Ecruteak City. Two majestic towers once stood tall here. One still remains, towering to the sky and the other sits crumbled to the ground as a sad reminder of what once was. This town is steeped in majestic tradition. The legends of this region have originated from this […]

The Underground Star Scoop: Double Feature!! XY72 & XY 73

Salutations good PUCLonians and welcome to a special edition of The Underground Star Scoop! We have a double feature this week! We will be covering last week’s episode, “Scary Hospitality!”, and this week’s episode, “A Fashionable Battle!” XY72 – Scary Hospitality! Ash and the gang are trying to make their way through a forest to […]

Today’s Topical Type is: Ghost!

Hello, my dear PUCLonians, and a delightful New Year to you all! How have you been? I apologize for the delay in bringing you this, but the subjects of my most recent research are the most elusive and scarce of all Pokémon… not to mention they’re kind of scary! (But that had absolutely nothing to […]

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