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This Week in Pokemon History (2014 to 2016)

Had a late evening yesterday from work and literally passed out as soon as I got into my room. That explains why this article is going up a tad later than usual. Anyway, its Viger, and once again, I don’t have enough news to cover this week, aside from shiny Pokemon being available in Pokemon […]

Pokemon News Issue #86

Welcome to Pokemon News here on PUCL. And BOOOOOOOOOYYYYY do we have some news to talk about. And by “some” I mean more than usual. So lets dive right in. In reveal news, the Steam Pokemon and the final mythical Pokemon of the 6th generation, Volcanion, has been officially revealed. The long awaited last Pokemon […]

Pokemon News Issue #64

Welcome to the most exciting Pokemon News issue in a while. After having to deal with a bit of news drought, the following articles are sure worth discussing. In movie news, good ole CoroCoro leaked. However, since a new main series Pokemon game isn’t due for quite some time, we instead got some much needed […]

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