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Pokemon of the Week #43 – Hydreigon

Welcome delicious PUCLonians to your destructio…I mean Pokemon of the Week. This week we will be investigating the trail of chaos left behind by the brutal Hydreigon. I wanted to make the intro a bickering conversation between the three heads but that will have to wait until Dodrio is our subject because the Pokedex has […]

Pokemon News Issue #107

  Welcome back once again to another exciting Sun and Moon filled issue of Pokemon News! Once more, we got a lot of everything that is coming with Pokemon Sun and Moon, from new Pokemon and new features, to new Z-Moves and returning features. So without further ado, let’s get right into it.   Several […]

Anything Goes: How hasn’t this gotten a Mega yet?

Generation VI unleashed one of the most ground breaking mechanics in the entire series: Mega Evolutions! With this new mechanic, some of our old favorites received new competitive life with different abilities and stat boosts that cam from mega evolving. I was very pleased to find out that my favorite, Alakazam the spoon-wizard, received a […]

Origins of Pokemon: Dragon Mythology

It’s no secret that dragons in the Pokemon world are some of the most coveted travelling companions. I remember making that trek through Meteor Falls in my Sapphire game to find those 8 small spaces where you could potentially run into a Bagon. It’s no coincidence that some of the most intriguing Pokemon have some […]

Double Trouble: Hardcore – (Mega) Metagross & Hydreigon

The concept of cores in competitive Pokémon is one that transcends the different formats we play in, permeating them all. But as is so frequently the case with various aspects and foundations for competitive battling, applying them a Doubles format necessarily changes the nature of things. In addition to the considerations one looks at for […]

Double Trouble: Fast Mode

Prepare for trouble and make it double, Puclonians! It is time for yet another installment of Double Trouble. Are your VGC format games, which are already much shorter than 6-on-6, taking longer than you would like? Maybe they can be shortened further. In playing Pokémon competitively, regardless of your preferred format and play style, it […]

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