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Pokemon News Issue #56

Welcome to another exciting issue of Pokemon News here on PUCL. In Pokken Tournament news, more information about the fighters have been revealed. New costume changes have been shown for the available characters in the game: Pikachu is shown wearing blue shorts, Lucario is red instead of blue (similar to Smash), Suicune is white, Gardevoir […]

Double Trouble: VGC 2014.5 / The Mirage Format

Hey, all you Puclonians playing Official Pokémon Events! The imminent arrival of ORAS has everyone vibrantly enthused the way we always are when new Pokémon games are unleashed upon the world. And rightly so, of course. Our vacation to Hoenn this year brings with it a swath of new mega evolutions to play with, the […]

The Roleout: Lures

Hey everyone! Welcome to another edition of The Roleout, where every week I pick a competitive role to analyze and discuss! Last week we had a nice discussion on utility pokemon. For those of you who commented. I have a Wonderful Klefki waiting for you! They were bred by the very talented Dustin! AKA Shuckles. […]

The Roleout: Utilities

Hey everyone! Welcome to yet another episode of The Roleout! Where every week I choose a different competitive role to discuss and analyze. I also am scheduling a little get together involving giveaways. Also, if you have any roles that I have not talked about yet that I have not discussed yet that you would […]

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