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Trainers of Kanto: Bigby

Hello to all my beautiful PUCLonians! I hope I get to battle some of you in the UUTC with my terrible, untested, thrown-together team. I remember around this time last year, I knew almost nothing about competitive Pokémon. Now, thanks to PUCL, I know a few things but I’m still very novice and terrible. But …

The Fluff: Cottonee, Cottonee Everywhere! A Pokémon Sun Review

Alola, my dear PUCLonians! A tad late (I apologise), but it is finally time for a full review of Pokémon Sun and Moon! Or, well, of Pokémon Sun, since that’s the version I have played. Spoilers: I think the game is awesome. Also, spoilers: this review will have ALL the spoilers. I have pretty much …