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The Underground Star Scoop: Mega Evolution Special III

Greetings and salutations good PUCLonians and welcome to this week’s edition of the Underground Star Scoop. Now that the XY has come to its conclusion, we’re going to turn back to those Mega Evolution specials, starring Alain and Mairin. For those of you who may not remember, Alain was a former assistant to Professor Sycamore […]

Double Trouble: Hardcore – (Mega) Metagross & Hydreigon

The concept of cores in competitive Pokémon is one that transcends the different formats we play in, permeating them all. But as is so frequently the case with various aspects and foundations for competitive battling, applying them a Doubles format necessarily changes the nature of things. In addition to the considerations one looks at for […]

Double Trouble: Weather Wars I – Make it Rain

Prepare for Trouble, and Make it Double, Puclonians! Last Friday marked the first day of Spring which makes for the perfect justification to write about a topic I have been saving for just such an occasion: weather! This will be the first entry of a three-week special all about weather, this installment focusing on Rain […]

Today’s Topical Type is: Steel!

Hello, my dear PUCLonians! I hope you’ve had a pleasant week, and that you are ready to plunge into the last, most fascinating part of our journey through types. We are now going to be looking at what may be called “modern” Pokémon types: those types that have only been discovered in recent history, and […]

The Underground Star Scoop: Mega Evolution II

Welcome PUCLonians to this week’s edition of The Underground Star Scoop with your host, me, MickeyPanda! We’re going to be picking up right where we left off last week in the Mega Evolution Special Episode. It’s important to just note that this week’s episode has not been released in America, so our coverage will be […]

Double Trouble: Double Megas

Prepare for trouble and make it double! Double Trouble, of course. Let me start this week with a question: how is the upcoming PUCL-sponsored UUTC like the VGC? No, no – aside from promoting acronyms, otherwise I’d have thrown the TCG in there as well. The answer is that you register more Pokémon than you […]

P.U.C.L. #157 ORAS Launch Live Show

Thatch, Scizorkick, Scron, Ethan, Dr. Shamu, Viger, and Gator team up this episode to hang out and talk about the new pokemon game that was released. Mailbag: What is you favorite part of ORAS so far? Email us the answer at Don’t forget to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, follow us on Tumblr, subscribe […]

Pokemon News Issue 37 (CoroCoro Leak Special)

Welcome to another text based issue of Pokemon News. Do to time constraints, I can’t make a video presentation for all the important news that I have here. So expect one some other time in the future. In ORAS news, CoroCoro leaked yet again, and a trailer from Nintendo confirmed the information that was leaked. […]

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