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Locke On: Trainer Thatch

And now, coming to you prerecorded from outside the Lavender Town Radio Tower, the one, it’s the only, LOCKE ON! And welcome to the 8th installment of Locke On, I’m your (hopefully) favorite interviewer, HexManiac Locke, with me today is (hopefully) your favorite PUCL President, Cool Trainer Thatch! But seriously, this interview has been a […]

Anything Goes: I want to be the very best… but I can’t use this

Competitive play is one of the biggest aspects of Pokemon. There are several competitions held at Pokemon Leagues, Regional events, as well as the more prestigious events such as Nationals and Worlds. The main focus of the game is battling against other trainers and competing against trainers, gym leaders, the Elite 4 and the Champion. […]

In the Meta: Arbok

Slithering into PUCL’s spotlight this week is the classic snake antagonist, Arbok. With beautiful patterns and a regal demeanor, Arbok paralyzes and demolishes its many prey. Unfortunately, this beautiful Pokemon has been locked away in the depths of NeverUsed, when it deserves so much more. The key to Arbok’s success is to determine which of […]

In the Meta: Electivire

It’s that special time at PUCL again where the staff gets to annoy our benevolent founder with ample “Happy Birthdays” and merry cheer. Other than sending Thatch a picture of Napoleon Dynamite, I shall honor his creation of such a fantastic Pokemon-themed community by analyzing the singles viability of another one of Thatch’s favorite Pokemon, […]

In the Meta: Marowak

With a wrathful disposition and a determination for revenge, basically the same as someone who just got rickrolled, Marowak has returned to PUCL again to be the center of attention. Unfortunately, this angry bone lizard doesn’t reach as far into the competitive battling field as it does into our hearts. On the plus side, it […]

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