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Pokemon of the Week #41 – Samurott

Hello PUCL, welcome to Pokemon of the Week #41. This is a samurai double header with Kartana earlier and now Samurott, the samurai otter. There is another reason this is a special PotW, Samurott is part of the evolution line of our dear friend Uncle Oshawott, who knows maybe one day he will level up […]

Trainers of Kanto: Uncle Oshawott

Ahoy PUCLonians! Capt. Gravy here, bringing you the very first edition of Trainers of Kanto. These articles are the result of a mighty vision I saw aboard the deck of the S.S. Gravy. As the breaking waves of the sea slapped against the ships’ hull, I looked to the shore and saw the outline of […]

Anything Goes: Snag’s Halloween Tradition

Hello everyone! Welcome to the special Halloween edition of Anything Goes. I don’t have anything spooky or scary to contribute for this, but I do have something that is fun (at least for me). I have had the honor of being a father for over 5 years now. I have also been lucky enough to […]

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