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Anything Goes: Grass, Fire, & Water? You’re not my type.

Hello, PULConians. I want to start out with apologizing for the lateness of my article. I started a new job and I am trying to find when the best time to write is going to be. So I apologize for the snag in the scheduling, (pun intended). Anyway, please enjoy my article below! Since the dawn […]

A Spirited Battle Against the Spirit Leader

I’ve always heard stories about the fabled Ecruteak City. Two majestic towers once stood tall here. One still remains, towering to the sky and the other sits crumbled to the ground as a sad reminder of what once was. This town is steeped in majestic tradition. The legends of this region have originated from this […]

In the Meta: Crobat

Warning: The author of this article is incredibly biased to Crobat’s usefulness in nearly every competitive battling scenario. Absolutely perfect in form and function, the magnificent beings known as Crobats bless us with their divine providence nearly every day. While some trainers are more appreciative of their eternal sacrifices, others choose to regard this fantastic […]

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