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Locke On: Bocefus

Hello Puclonians, It’s your (hopefully) favorite Hex Maniac, Locke, here with a new segment I like to call Locke On! A new article in which I probe the deepest darkest recesses of the minds of your favorite (again hopefully) hosts of the podcast! This time we enter the PUCL recording studios where we managed to […]

The Splash: Pokemon Symphonic Evolutions Tour

Greetings PUCL and welcome to another edition of The Splash. This week I discuss my adventures at the Pokemon Symphonic Evolutions Tour in Baltimore. I will describe what the tour was like, my thoughts, and whether I would recommend it and how to best prepare for it. Arriving at the concert hall the first thing […]

Memory Link: Gotta Rap ‘Em All

[Hey there, PUCLonians! My name is Eryn, a.k.a. Pokeryn, and I’m here to bring you a new weekly series of retrospectives about the Pokemon franchise and fandom. Good to be on board, and hope you enjoy the first instalment!] Assuming you are a Pokefan who is hip to the Internet (to all you Amish Pokefans: […]

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