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The Fluff: Gotta Catch’em All, Shiny Charm edition (or, level 9 and under Legendaries not required)

Hello, my dear PUCLonians! This week we’ll complete our National Pokédex… journey. Once again, I recommend you check out Snag’s Anything Goes article on the very same topic. Generation IV Generation IV started out incredibly promising if one wanted to, well, catch’em all: it was once again possible to transfer Pokémon from the previous Gen …

Beorn’s Splash: Zigzagoon

Greetings PUCL, Beorn here with this week’s Splash. This week I have decided to discuss a Pokemon that, thanks to Omega Ruby, has skyrocketed upwards in my favorite Pokemon list, Zigzagoon.   Zigzagoon, the Tiny Raccoon Pokemon, is everywhere in early parts Omega Ruby! Having never played the original GBA versions of this Generation, this …