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Pokemon News Issue #107

  Welcome back once again to another exciting Sun and Moon filled issue of Pokemon News! Once more, we got a lot of everything that is coming with Pokemon Sun and Moon, from new Pokemon and new features, to new Z-Moves and returning features. So without further ado, let’s get right into it.   Several […]

Double Trouble: Palkia – The New Dialga

Prepare for Trouble, and make it a (VGC) 2016 Double, PUCL! It is time for the first installment of Double Trouble of the year! And let me start by giving a special thanks to Locke for providing Double Trouble with a new beautiful and amazing banner! Or is that.. a spacial thanks? Palkia pun! It […]

Pokemon News Issue #38

Welcome to the next installment of Pokemon News on the Pokemon Underground Champions League. Its been a pretty slow week for news related to Pokemon, but I think I can manage. In TCG news, a new X and Y set for the Pokemon Trading Card Game has been announced. This fifth set has been split […]

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