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Double Trouble: Eevee – Underdog of the VGC 17 Meta

Prepare for trouble, and make it double, PUCL! Happy New Year, y’all. Welcome to the first installment of Double Trouble of 2017! And GOOD RIDDANCE to 2016. The VGC 17 format is still young, but we have seen a number of large tournaments take place now, and a meta has definitely started to cement. And …

Double Trouble: VGC 17 on the Horizon! Alola to New Mechanics!

Prepare for trouble, and make it a double. Wait, what? It must be time for another installment of Double Trouble! With Pokémon Sun and Moon literally just days away, the hype is growing bigger than the recent supermoon – which would perhaps be something to nickname your Lunala. Virtually everything from the game has been …