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Top 5 7th Generation Competitive Pokemon Prospects

  Along with its tropical weather and tasty malasadas, the Alola Region of the Pokemon Universe has brought much to the table in terms of competitive battling. Even after analyzing the stats, abilities, moves, and typings of all these new Pokemon, it is a rather daunting task to form some sort of coherent “Top” list, […]

In the Meta: Diggersby

Disclaimer: It is entirely circumstantial that this article has been released right before Easter. By no means consider that there is any sort of correlation that Diggersby, a Pokemon that looks severely like a rabbit / bunny, is being released the day before children search for eggs with candy inside that were hidden by a […]

In the Meta: Ambipom

Swinging its way into the PUCL spotlight this week is the one, the only, the monkey with two swollen tail hands and an awkward haircut, it’s Ambipom! This purple little disaster is just waiting to mess up your day with high-fives that are just a bit too hard, denials of stealing your held item, and […]

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