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Today’s Topical Type is: Flying!

Hello once again, my dear PUCLonians! I’m here to bring you another chapter in my, and hopefully yours, if you’re interested, quest to understand Pokémon types from a Pokémon’s perspective. Professor Juniper conceded that, while my approach is not quite the one a human scientist would use, I am still getting valuable information, so she […]

In the Meta: Skarmory

Slicing through the wind, a storm of blades madly cuts through the densely particulated wind from which it sired. With a brisk maneuver downwards, the tall, shining avian deftly grabs its prey in its mighty talons and returns to its lair in esteemed victory. This week in “In the Meta” perhaps the greatest knight of […]

The Roleout: Phazers and Hazers

Hey PUCLonians! Welcome to this weeks article of the Roleout. Where every week I pick a different competitive role to discuss and Analyze. Also, look forward to this weeks giveaway! Anyway, last weeks Giveaway was a real catch! A 6 IV Shiney Competitive Kalos born Blissey is not something to be shy about, that’s why […]

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