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December PUCLcon Highlights Week 2 “Meeting All the PUCL Peeps”

And welcome back to another week of PUCLcon memories. We’re in the second week, and we’ll be picking up where we left off.   Still on our way to Ohio, after several Pokemon related discussions and more rounds of “Pokemon 20 Questions”, Bocefus, Mr. Sniffles, Snag, Scron, and I finally reach our destination: PUCL Headquarters […]

December PUCLcon Highlights Week 1 “Pokemon 20 Questions

Hey guys, its Viger. First off, yes I still post stuff. Cool, right? Second, since Sun and Moon are out, the news is high and dry right now. Shocking, I know. But I feel like I need to post “something”. And I have all this footage from PUCLcon 2016 back in July and I never […]

Trainers of Kanto: Professor Snag

Alola PUCL people! We are just thirteen short (read: incredibly, excruciatingly long) days away from Sun and Moon. I will not be able to attend the live episode unfortunately, but I hope that everyone else has fun hanging out and talking about their new adventures in the Alola region! Professor Snag Professor Snag had humble […]

The Gloom: Pokemon Go Plus is Out and No One Cares

*Disclaimer: The Gloom is a satire piece. All names are made up and situations described are not real. Please enjoy this piece with levity.* Pokemon Go Plus, the accessory to this summer’s greatest hit in the App Store and Google Play, is finally out today, as fall approaches. It has been over two months since […]

Anything Goes: PUCLCON!!!

Hello PUCLonians! Welcome to a very special edition of Anything Goes. This week I will be chronicling my adventures at PUCLcon and Pokemon Nationals! I am writing this as I go, so I can say that this has been an extremely exciting PUCLcon thus far. Wednesday My journey started out pretty uneventfully, driving across the state […]

The Fluff: A Very P.U.C.L. Halloween

Hello, my dear PUCLonians! A happy belated Halloween to you all. How did you spend this spoooky festivity? I, myself, did not celebrate (Italians don’t really do Halloween that much), but I was able to bask in the Halloween spirit a bit thanks to everyone who shared their pictures with me! To begin with, I’m going […]

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