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Back to the Lab: RU Ready to Rumble?

Hey there, pangobros, you already know who it is, and we’re back in the lab to continue our series on lower tier evaluation. Since our last discussion, a whole slew of changes have hit UU, so I’ve made added a slight change to the end of the article here. But we’re here to talk about […]

The Roleout: Stalls

Hello everyone! Welcome to another edition of the Roleout. Where every week I pick a competitive role to discuss and analyze. A couple people have commented on things they would like me to write about. Thank you for your input, these suggestions will be in high consideration. Let’s move on to this week’s role.   […]

In the Meta: Vaporeon

  Looking at that adorable little smile, you wouldn’t think that this precious ferret/fish/cat/dolphin/ potent elemental creature could really dish out any serious hurt in a metagame filled with killer fairies, sand dinosaurs, and ninja frogs, but this “being” can certainly hold its own in a variety of useful and seldom occupied roles. The best […]

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