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In the Meta: Vivillon

  (Pokeball and Fancy Pattern not Pictured) There’s an old saying in the Kalos region. “When life gives you Scatterbugs, make Vivillons.” With so many varieties (40 Including Shiny variants) there is no lack of these colorful butterflies to brighten up your PC or battlefield with. With an elegant flair for some cool moves with […]

In the Meta: Umbreon

Possessing the best defensive bulk of any of the Eeveelutions, and a great ability in Synchronize, Umbreon stalks its way into the limelight of PUCL this week. Considered to be the “coolest” of the Eeveelutions by many, it’s actually Glaceon (Obviously, since it’s an Ice-type), Umbreon does not disappoint since many attacks just seem to […]

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