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Back to the Lab: Live from the Underground

What’s crackin’ Terrakion, It’s Aero and we’re back in the lab again to talk shop on the metagame. Last time, my articles dealt with team-building through the lens of OU. This time I want to devote a closer look to what makes the lower tiers click, so from UU to PU I’ll take the next few weeks to familiarize ourselves […]

In the Meta: Shuckle

The Mold Pokemon. You can’t get much cooler than being the Mold Pokemon, am I right? Well, that’s exactly what PUCL’s focus this week is with our dear yellow friend Shuckle. This antisocial little fellow spends most of its life hiding under rocks, but it also expresses a fond interest in drinking the juices of […]

In the Meta: Umbreon

Possessing the best defensive bulk of any of the Eeveelutions, and a great ability in Synchronize, Umbreon stalks its way into the limelight of PUCL this week. Considered to be the “coolest” of the Eeveelutions by many, it’s actually Glaceon (Obviously, since it’s an Ice-type), Umbreon does not disappoint since many attacks just seem to […]

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