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Back to the Lab: Live from the Underground

What’s crackin’ Terrakion, It’s Aero and we’re back in the lab again to talk shop on the metagame. Last time, my articles dealt with team-building through the lens of OU. This time I want to devote a closer look to what makes the lower tiers click, so from UU to PU I’ll take the next few weeks to familiarize ourselves […]

Anything Goes: I want to be the very best… but I can’t use this

Competitive play is one of the biggest aspects of Pokemon. There are several competitions held at Pokemon Leagues, Regional events, as well as the more prestigious events such as Nationals and Worlds. The main focus of the game is battling against other trainers and competing against trainers, gym leaders, the Elite 4 and the Champion. […]

In the Meta: Doublade

  Often fantasized as a sort of epic weaponry for their trainers in many fanfictions, the Generation VI sword Pokemon are no laughing matter when it comes to battling. Although Aegislash almost made it back to OU by a narrow margin, it was deemed too powerful and remains in the Ubers realm. However, its purple […]

In the Meta: Vivillon

  (Pokeball and Fancy Pattern not Pictured) There’s an old saying in the Kalos region. “When life gives you Scatterbugs, make Vivillons.” With so many varieties (40 Including Shiny variants) there is no lack of these colorful butterflies to brighten up your PC or battlefield with. With an elegant flair for some cool moves with […]

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