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Whats The Deal? Issue #1: An Intro to Pokémon TCG

Hello, fellow PUCLonians!  This is the first TCG article, and there is so much going on right now, I can’t wait to get into all the topics over the next several months! But first, as with all new beginnings, I want to start at the very beginning. This article is for those who have not […]

The Fluff: Fakes and Leaks and Spoilers, oh my!

Hello, my dear PUCLonians, and welcome to a doubtfully legitimate edition of The Fluff! This week, Snag and I were inspired by the Sun and Moon starters and player characters which… did not leak from CoroCoro. Leaks and fakes have been an integral part of the Pokémon fandom for a very long time, and I’m […]

The Fluff: If It Ain’t Broke… Fix It Anyway

Hello, my dear PUCLonians! Hopefully, you’ve already read Snag’s Anything Goes column from yesterday (if you haven’t, what are you waiting for?), so you already know what topic we’ve picked this week: things we’d fix in the Pokémon games! Now, this wasn’t such an obvious one for me: Pokémon is pretty much the only video […]

P.U.C.L. #180 Weird Pokedex Entries

Thatch, Bocefus, and Shamu all share some of their favorite pokedex entries. Mailbag: What is your favorite pokedex entry? Don’t forget to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, follow us on Tumblr, subscribe to our Subreddit, and most importantly Review us on iTunes!

Double Trouble: The Dawning of the Age of VGC 2015

Prepare for trouble, and make it double, Puclonians! Double the Holiday Eves of Double Trouble, as the calendar would have it. Last week, Wednesday fell upon Christmas Eve and this week it falls upon New Year’s Eve. And it is actually very fitting because this is the eve of the dawning of Pokémon VGC 2015 […]

The Underground Star Scoop: XY47 – A Campus Reunion

Greetings everybody, and welcome to this week’s Underground Star Scoop with your host me, MickeyPanda! I’m here to bring you your weekly dose of the Pokemon Anime, giving you a play-by-play report on the adventures of our Pokemon-Master-to-be Ash Ketchum and his friends. This week’s episode is XY: Episode 47 – A Campus Reunion. Let’s […]

Double Trouble: VGC 2014.5 / The Mirage Format

Hey, all you Puclonians playing Official Pokémon Events! The imminent arrival of ORAS has everyone vibrantly enthused the way we always are when new Pokémon games are unleashed upon the world. And rightly so, of course. Our vacation to Hoenn this year brings with it a swath of new mega evolutions to play with, the […]

The Roleout: Stalls

Hello everyone! Welcome to another edition of the Roleout. Where every week I pick a competitive role to discuss and analyze. A couple people have commented on things they would like me to write about. Thank you for your input, these suggestions will be in high consideration. Let’s move on to this week’s role.   […]

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