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Team of the Episode: Ampharos

Team of the Episode: Ampharos

Welcome to this week’s Team of the Episode! This week we are going over Fabio himself, the beautiful sheep-dragon, Ampharos in it Mega form! This will be a team in the RU tier on Smogon, so buckle up!

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Team of the Week Overview

Starting off with the man, the myth, the legend himself, Fabio the Mega Ampharos! The moves are the best coverage Ampharos gets, with Thunderbolt and Dragon Pulse for power, Volt Switch for momentum, and Focus Blast for the large amount of Fighting-weak Pokmeon in RU. Speaking of Fighting-weak opponents, the Speed EVs might seem odd on such a slow Pokemon, but they are there to outrun some of these threats like Porygon2, Umbreon, and opposing Florges. You want to switch in this powerhouse on resisted hits, as well as Mega Evolving early on in order to gain the Dragon-type’s valuable resistances. Volt Switch and Emergency Exit support, as well as heavy offensive pressure, lets Ampharos come in several times through the match. Don’t forget to keep it health with Wishes and Aromatherapy session from Florges!

Next up we have a monstrous wallbreaker in RU, the devastating Life Orb Arcanine! If there aren’t any hazards down, the Legendary Pokemon can start blowing holes in the opponent alongside Ampharos, letting something else clean up the scraps of the opponents team later. The moves are chosen for maximum power, coverage, and utility. Flare Blitz boosted by Life Orb is devastating to anything on the receiving end, while Wild Charge takes care of Water-types trying to absorb it. Extreme Speed is an awesome revenge tool, as well as getting out extra damage in a pinch. Morning Sun heals up all that passive damage the other moves and item racked up. As mentioned on the episode, Arcanine compliments Ampharos by coming in on the ever-present Florges extremely well. Another option you could consider is running Intimidate over Flash Fire if you choose; you just have to be wary of opposing Fire-types, but you still have Arcanine and Ampharos to resist them fairly well.

Continuing the wallbreaking game, we have Choice Band Golisopod for some extra power. First Impression is a monstrous priority move that can often times clean up a damaged opponent or two through the game. Aqua Jet follow sup on that by lasting for more than the first turn you switched in. Leech Life, as Whimsicott pointed out, allows you to utilize Emergency Exit more than once in a match, letting you bounce around unpredictably and put an opponent on the defensive. Finally, Liquidation is for sheer power in blasting through opponents. Other options you can consider are Inset Plate over Choice Band if you want the ability to switch moves. It still powers up the move you’ll likely use most, as well as your “healing move”. Additionally, you can also drop Aqua Jet for Spikes if you want Forretress to run a different hazard in that slot. The Speed lets it outrun non-invested base 50 speed Pokemon like Diancie.

Donphan acts as another powerful tank and pseudo wallbreaker, while also being one of 2 Rapid Spinners for the team. Now before you say “Seth, why do you need 2 Spinners??”, let me say this. Full disclosure, folks, Seth did a goof. Did anyone notice in the episode that Stealth Rock was completely missing on this team? Yeah. I did listening back. You have one of 2 options to get that move on the team, and it’s basically picking which between Donphan and Forretress you want to drop Rapid Spin for Stealth Rock. Personally, I’d recommend Donphan, as that spreads your setters out and makes the team as a whole slightly less susceptible to Taunt. Anyway, back on Donphan, and the standard moves it runs. Earthquake is to bop things and for really strong STAB. Knock off is for incredible utility, and in lower tiers should have at least one or two users on every team to deter Eviolite spamming. Finally, Ice Shard keeps the priority game going to clean up after your wallbreakers do their jobs.

Florges, the prime Fairy of RU, makes her glorious, non-Grass-typed appearance on this team to patch up some weaknesses! First and foremost, Fairy is an incredible typing with awesome resistances. Thanks to both Synthesis and Wish, Florges can maintain herself and her allies extremely well through the match. Thatch would drop one of those healing moves, as he expressed in the podcast, but I find there is a lot of utility in having the ability to pick what you need and when as far as healing goes. Wish is also great since you rely on healthy wallbreakers so much. The hazard stacking game on this team is also why Defog is not run here, since that eliminates all our work. Aromatherapy works great to neutralize Toxic and Burns that your wallbreakers are susceptible to, and Moonblast is to be able to do your own damage from time to time.

Finally we reach Forretress, the bulky boi. Read the part in Donphan’s paragraph about getting Stealth Rock somewhere on the team, since that needs to be on either Forretress or Donphan. Forretress is our Steel-type to soak up a lot of random attacks thrown our way, while also setting up your Spikes to make your breakers and priority even more potent. Volt Switch is especially good with Ampharos and Arcanine, since they like to come in on Fire-wielding attackers this baits in. Rapid Spin is to make the hazard game completely one sided. Utilize the incredible resistances Forretress has to swich in and set spikes whenever you can. Another option that is now released is Custap Berry, which lets you set one more layer of spikes before going down if you’re low on health.

Closing Thoughts

Have you ever really wanted to just win by sheer power alone? Who the heck needs setup? Wanna stack hazards for days, and win through sheer Pantene-inspired beauty? This is a fun team to try out. Other than my goof about forgetting Stealth Rock, using hazards and wallbreakers as your Endgame is a fun way to play. So get on out there and try it out!

Don’t forget to tune in to streaming this week! Till next time, catch you on the flip-flop!