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Team of the Episode: Azumarill

Team of the Episode: Azumarill

Welcome to this week’s team of the episode, featuring the bulkiest of bunnies, Azumarill!

We decided that some strong muscles were needed for this week’s Pokemon of the Episode, so what better Pokemon to go with that a fluffy water bunny used for HP bags in Super Training? This team’s bunny has been working out for sure; because Thatch created the team this week and not your friendly neighborhood Seth Vilo we are for sure going with the Huge Power monstrosity that shot Azumarill to the popularity it has now. So sit back, relax, and read about about the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog and the team that supports him!

Click on the sprites to go to the PokePaste for the team!

Team Overview

Starting off, the rabbit itself is here! Our Azumarill is running the standard bloodthirsty Z Belly Drum Set to set up fast and take names. For those unaware, If you power up Belly Drum with Normalium Z, your full HP is restored before the halving effect of Belly Drum goes through. This lets you tank a hit or two before you set up. The other moves are for maximum power and options, with Aqua Jet for priority (and what honestly might be your main attacking move in many cases), Play Rough for extremely powerful STAB, and Knock Off to cripple things that would want to switch in on you, like Toxapex especially.

Going in to phase 2 of the Fire+Water+Grass (FWG) Core, as well as the Fantasy Core, we have Mega Charizard X to clean up where Azumarill can’t. Charizard acts as a second sweeper to wrap up the game late, or cleave a team in half for Aqua Jet to come in and finish off. Flare Blitz and Earthquake are Charizard’s best moves in the current metagame thanks to no shortage of Heatran, Toxapex, Magearna, and Tapu Bulu and the like. Roost is fantastic to keep yourself healthy, since ZardX actually has some surprising defensive utility thanks to the resistances it gains upon Mega Evolving. Mega Charizard Y is otherwise a huge threat to this team, but this Charizard stops it handily. Find an opportunity to Dragon Dance up and go for the sweep!

When you run Charizard, you run Defog. Simple as that. The best dedicated Defogger in the tier at the moment is Tornadus-Therian, and the best set to Defog multiple times in a game is the “Pivot” set. You want to rack up chip damage, so the item Rock Helmet helps with that immensely, especially against threats like Mega Lopunny and Mega Medicham. The other moves are fairly standard for Tornadus-T these days, with maximum offensive power in Hurricane, and utility in Knock Off and U-turn. Utilize this Pokemon to Defog, as mentioned, and sponge strong physical hits to rack up Rocky Helmet damage; catching stray U-turns is especially great thanks to your resistance and Speed-tier.

Adding to the FWG+Fantasy core, we have hazard and extra chip support with Ferrothorn! Spikes is great to continually wear down teams so either Charizard or Azumarill can finish the game. Leech Seed is one of the best spamming moves in OU, as there aren’t too many Grass-types anymore thanks to Zygarde’s ban, and the extra healing on our Ash-Greninja check is appreciated. Speaking of which, the EVs on this Ferrothorn are to ensure that Specs Ash-Greninja cannot 3HKO Ferrothorn from full HP. With Azumarill being so offensivly inclined, it is not a reliable Ash-Greninja check even with the great typing for it. Ferrothorn is also great for catching U-turns thanks to Iron Barbs too!

WE. NEED. MORE. CHIP! We also needed Stealth Rocks, and the Mega slot was taken. Who better that Acron’s favorite, Hippowdon? This hippo provides sand support to keep the passive damage racking up, and is an incredibly bulky Stealth Rock setter. Together with Ferrothorn, they can form a fairly reliable stop to Tapu Koko as well, which can be a big threat to Azumarill and Tornadus-T. Slack Off keeps you healthy, Earthquake is for power, and Whirlwind is for keeping those hazards doing their job and stopping setup. You can also run Toxic here if you so desire.

Finally, we have a decently fast, semi-speed control slot with Gengar. This can be a great stop to pure physical walls, especially in a metagame with limited Ghost resists! You want to spam Shadow Ball as often as you can, swapping for Sludge Wave if any fairies get in your way or Focus Blast for the ugly T-Rex of OU. Gengar is also great disruption thanks to Taunt, so that your opponent can’t set up hazards against you as well. Even though you run Defog, you don’t want to have to use it and undo all your work. JUST REMEMBER LEVITATE IS GONE.

Concluding Thoughts

This is a great way to showcase Azumarill’s sweeping power, while also incorporating the beloved FWG+DFS core into the team! There aren’t many glaring weaknesses outside occasional Tapu Koko and Ash-Greninja opportunities once things start to get knocked out. Gengar could also be something else, as if anything is faster than it or the Tornadus-T you’re in a bit of trouble. A Choice Scarf pokemon of your choice, or even a Sand Rush Excadrill could be interesting here to patch those holes!

You could also go the evil route and run an entirely different team based around a Sap Sipper Azumarill with Whirlpool, Protect, Perish Song, and Scald. But that’s evil and you should never do that. Ever.

So get out there and play with the killer rabbit! Remember to take on Thatch on our Twitch stream this Wednesday night! Catch you on the flip-flop!