Hello everyone and welcome! Its been a while since I did a du-Rant article, mainly because I had news to talk about. But now this is the second week that I don’t have anything important to report on. Which is weird because of Sun and Moon, but you know how these things are. Anyway, Scron has told me to come up with something interesting and Pokemon related or he’d…..do….something. I really don’t know. But anyway, here we go with this newest issue of the du-Rant. Last time I went crazy about how The Pokemon Company neglects my precious Magnemite in both the video games and the anime. Today, I’m going to discuss my views on probably the most infamous Pokemon that has ever been “created”. One who’s first anime appearance nearly ended the entire show with just one episode. So here we go.

Our Poke-of-the-issue is national dex number 137, Porygon, the scapegoat Pokemon.

Porygon 1

Picture by umbravivens

Oh boy, where do you begin with this one. Porygon has such a tragic history tied to it when it comes to the Pokemon franchise. But the tragedy doesn’t come from the fallout of Porygon’s debut anime episode, but rather what the company did to Porygon after the damage was done. Before I get into that though, let me weave you a tale of sadness, woe, and lots of flashing red and blue lights. The story is called, “Electric Soldier Porygon”.

Porygon 2

Our story begins with Ash, Misty, and Brock coming across a problem with a Pokemon Center PC System. Pokemon that are being traded/stored are not arriving at their destination. After some investigation, the group meets Professor Akihabara, who informs them that Team Rocket has stolen a prototype Pokemon of his and invaded the PC system to steal Pokemon being sent through the system. Akihabara loans another prototype Pokemon, which is a Porygon, to Ash and the group, who agree to stop Team Rocket by using Porygon to enter cyber space and find them. The group finds Team Rocket with Porygon’s help and battle them and their Porygon to stop them from stealing the Pokemon.

Porygon 3

Ash, Misty, Brock, Pikachu, and Porygon are able to stop Team Rocket and restore the PC system to working order, but there is a problem for all of them. Turns out the Pokemon Center called a computer technician to install an antivirus program into the PC system to “sort out the problem”, which appears to be Ash, his friends, and Team Rocket. The antivirus program activates and begins shooting missiles at them, as the program labels them as viruses. The missiles are avoided and explode, but more keep on coming.

Porygon 4

And this is the part where “history” is made. As the missiles come closer and closer to everyone, Ash orders Pikachu to use Thunderbolt to destroy the missiles. Pikachu attacks and the missiles explode in a flashing red and blue explosion. Porygon helps everyone escape cyber space, the PC system is back up and running normally, and Ash and the gang move on to their next adventure. End of story, cut, print, genius, right? WRONG!!!

Remember that red and blue explosion? Yeah, over 600 Japanese children were sent to the hospital having suffered from epileptic seizures due to the strobe effect that the explosion produced. The episode was pulled from broadcast, and the show was put on a 4 month hiatus and legal issues followed the episode. The biggest result of this episode was that Porygon was/has never been in an anime episode due to its connection with this episode.


Porygon 5

Right….right. Its just…you know. Pokemon exists in both game and cartoon forms. While there are those that go to both for their Pokemon experiences, there are also those who only go to one or the other. So there is a possible group of Pokemon fans that won’t even know that Porygon and its evolutions exist, and they’ll wonder why, only to find out the stupid reason it isn’t on the show anymore. But I’m thinking about this too much. It is important to remember; though Porygon doesn’t get any love in the anime, it certainly gets a lot of love in the games and even the manga.

Porygon 6

Picture by Poke-Sonic-ZillaSaur

Porygon and its evolutions are some of the most interesting Pokemon in the games, with Porygon2 being used in several VGC capable teams as a pretty bulky normal-type. And though its application isn’t used in competitive play, Porygon’s Conversion and Conversion2 moves allow it to change its type mid battle, keeping the opponent on their toes as they try to fight a constantly changing Pokemon. And based off of personal experience, Porygon-Z is one of the most powerful Normal-Type Special Attackers I’ve ever seen. Porygon-Z with Adaptability and holding a Silk Scarf using Tri Attack is extremely powerful to anything that isn’t a Ghost-Type. And with it being able to either burn, paralyze, or freeze its opponent, Porygon-Z can be a major powerhouse if trained right. Thatch can vouch for that, as one of his Pokemon was frozen by Glitch (my Porygon-Z) with that exact same setup. Pretty powerful stuff.

Now with the Pokemon Adventures manga. Alongside Charizard, Porygon takes center stage on Blue’s team. Blue obtained Porygon by buying him at the Game Corner. Its interesting to see how Blue uses Porygon both in battle and outside battle. Instead of a Pokeball, Blue keeps Porygon in his Pokedex, giving him the ablity to send it through to other devices, such as Yellow’s Pokedex. So even if pinned and unable to move, Blue can always use Porygon to attack. This Porygon even went up against Agatha’s Gengar, using its Conversion moves to change types and avoid Gengar’s attacks, ultimately defeating it with a well placed Psybeam.

Porygon 7

That’s right. A Porygon, a competitively inefficient Pokemon in the VGC, defeated an Elite Four’s Gengar, which is a far more competitively efficient Pokemon. Think about that.

And beyond that, Blue evolved Porygon into Porygon2. One of its shining moments as a Porygon2 includes paralyzing Red’s Gyarados with, you guessed it, Tri Attack.

So there you have it. Porygon, a scapegoat in the anime, a champion in the games, and a amazing trickster in the manga. Though if you ask me, its been over a decade since “Electric Soldier Porygon”, so I say bring Porygon back. #BringPorygonBack. Get that trending and let’s have our Virtual Pokemon grace the anime world with its appearance once more.

And with that said, I’ll see you guys next time. Either in the news, or right back here.