The du-Rant with Viger #3 “What Makes a Pokemon a Pokemon?

Well, well, well. Didn’t think I’d do another one of these now did ya? For this one, I think I need to don my “outside of PUCL” persona, of which some of you may know very well. Rest assured, I’m still the same guy.


For those of you who aren’t aware of this series, welcome to “The du-Rant with Viger”, where I go off the cuffs and talk about stuff in Pokemon that gets me all worked up. The first time I talked about Magnemite’s mistreatment and the second time I talked about the problem with Porygon. This time around, I’m not focusing on a specific Pokemon, but rather a specific “kind” of Pokemon.

Today, we are delving into what makes a Pokemon a Pokemon. Should they be organic or inorganic? Surprise surprise, some people take this debate very seriously. Hence why I’m talking about it today.

This issue gained a lot of traction and attention when Pokemon Black and White first came out and revealed its full roster of new Pokemon. Two Pokemon fueled this argument, and we know which ones they were: Garbodor and Vanilluxe.


These two Pokemon were heavily criticized for their design by many veteran Pokemon trainers, namely the sub group known as “Gen Oners”. Their argument stems from the idea that Garbodor and Vanilluxe have incredibly unoriginal designs and that Nintendo appears to be running out of ideas for “legitimate” Pokemon designs if they were making Pokemon out of ice cream and literal piles of trash. The hate for these Pokemon seemed to affect the whole fifth generation as “desperate” when it came to coming up with new Pokemon, resulting in mocking images of random objects such as doors, refrigerators, and cinder blocks all becoming Pokemon.



Do you realize how stupid and uniformed you sound right now?

This whole entire argument about unoriginal Pokemon designs is complete ridiculous and has no legs to stand on. The connection of Garbodor being a pile of trash is obvious, but that doesn’t make its design unoriginal. A Pokemon design would be unoriginal if it was constantly being used every generation, such as a Fire Type Dragon in every new game. But Garbodor’s design fits its generation and region, with the region being highly populated and Garbodor being formed from people’s trash and garbage. In that regard, it makes sense, unlike the argument itself. And in typical Gen Oner fashion, they respond with saying that the first generation had some of the best and most original Pokemon designs ever.

To which I respond…….what about Muk?


Muk is probably one of the most simple Pokemon ever designed, next to Voltorb and Electrode. Its….just…..a….blob. Garbodor has so much more detail to its design when compared to Muk. There was so much more time dedicated to making Garbodor than Muk if you ask me. And once more, the Gen Oners desperately try to defend their paranoia by saying the most ridiculous thing ever. “They’re just turning random objects into Pokemon. That’s not what makes a Pokemon a Pokemon.”

Viger Hiding Anger

You did not just go there…..

Some of the most well known Pokemon of the first generation are made of inanimate objects. Geodude and its evolutionary family are just rocks with arms, Koffing is just a ball of gas, and most notably, Magnemite is a magnet. (More specifically, two magnets, three screws, and a ball barring.) Pokemon have been based off of inanimate objects since day 1. And some of the best Pokemon out there are inorganic. So to say that Pokemon can’t be just a bunch of random objects defeats the purpose of what makes a Pokemon.

This idea of anything becoming a Pokemon just adds to how amazing Pokemon can be. Allowing them to be based off of inanimate objects solidifies the ability for Pokemon to be timeless. By doing so, you can guarantee that there will always be new games to play and new Pokemon to catch. The possibilities are endless and this is what makes this franchise so amazing. And you Gen Oners want to complain about the developers being creative? You guys really need to get your head out of the gutter and appreciate how great the series is with every Pokemon that has been made. Nobody wants your negativity here. Geez I could write an entire article about you guys……

And that’s all I’ve got for this topic. As always, I’d like to hear from you guys: What is your favorite inorganic Pokemon? Tell me why in the comment section below and I’ll be back with another article next week. Will it be the news? Will it be about Pokemon History? Another du-Rant? Who knows!

Until then, see you guys next week!


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