The Du-Rant with Viger Issue #4 “Stop Whining Genwunners”

And I’m back with another exciting issue of “The Du-Rant”. This issue is gonna be a slight continuation of the last issue I did, which involved the limits of what makes a Pokemon a Pokemon. When it came to discussing Pokemon like Garbodor, I mentioned a specific group of people that are very vocally against such Pokemon and the generations that they hail from. And I hinted that I might cover this group some day in the future.

Well that day is today! So let’s dive in a take a closer look at the anti-fandom in Pokemon that we all call “The Genwunners”


For those of you that may be new to the franchise, let me briefly explain what I’m about to talk about. A “Genwunner” is a Pokemon “fan” that firmly believes that any generation after Generation One is garbage and should never have seen the light of day. A Genwunner states that Generation One is the most perfect generation of Pokemon and that this is where Pokemon should have stopped instead of expanding and making newer Pokemon.

I can tell you are already seeing some holes in their logic, but before we go any deeper, let me lay down a disclaimer here:

If you find that the First Generation of Pokemon is your favorite Generation, this does not automatically make you a Genwunner. Bocefus is a prime example of someone who could be mistaken as a Genwunner, but Bo is a fan of all Pokemon. Use him as an example of how to spot an authentic Genwunner and an authentic fan of the First Generation.

So this logic does seem a bit backwards does it not? Well relax, because it is.

Genwunners really began to gain traction with the release of Pokemon Black and White, which introduced 150 new Pokemon to the series, attempting to mimic Gen One in that regard. However, the vocal minority that are the Genwunners quickly jumped on the Unova region and its Pokemon as being uninspired and not feeling like Pokemon, despite the fact that there were many connections to Gen One through the new Pokemon, going even further than the picture above. Genwunners found Pokemon like Garbodor and Vanillish as being “designed out of desperation” and that GameFreak was running out of ideas when it came to new Pokemon.

Garbodor gets a lot of hate, but a glob of sludge like Muk gets a free pass…….Cool….

Like I had said though, Genwunners are a small minority, but a very vocal one at that. They believe that everything beyond Generation One should not exist and that only Gen One should be in the franchise. So let’s do a little thought experiment shall we?

What if, in an alternate universe, Pokemon only consisted of the first generation? What would the franchise look like today if it was only comprised of the originally 151 Pokemon? Here’s one way that it could look.

First off, no Johto through Alola. If you had a favorite Pokemon that wasn’t Generation One, it doesn’t exist anymore. (Sorry Fluffiest, you’ll have to pick

a new mascot, and a new name). No Dark Types, Steel Types, or Fairy Types. Psychic Types would rule the VGC and Fighting Types would never see any action. Dragon Types, or in this case just Dragonite, would rain supreme alongside Alakazam and no other Pokemon would be able to oppose them, as no Gen One Pokemon was designed to perfectly counter either one. No Double Battle formats, so VGC would be very lack luster and boring. No weather teams since Weather effects were first introduced in Gen 2. No new evolutions would be made like the ones in Gen 4, for better or for worse. Mega Evolution would not exist and Charizard would forever remain a Fire/Flying Type. Alolan variants would never be used, as Alola could not exist in such a universe. And probably most importantly of all….


In this universe, the Pokemon franchise would stagnate and not continue to develop and improve upon itself. Dark Types were introduced to correct the issue of overpowered Psychic Types. Mega Evolution was made to add more depth to battles and to make specific Pokemon more usable in both regular battles and even VGC. And because of the new generations that were created, Pokemon maintained its relevance in the public’s eye by giving them new reasons to continue playing and loving the franchise. PUCL itself started back in Gen 4, so without Gen 4 or any of the other Generations, PUCL itself might not have existed at all. With just one Generation, in this alternate universe, Pokemon would lose relevance even to those that fit the description of a Genwunner, and slowly fade into obscurity. Another franchise might take its place, going above and beyond what Pokemon decided to do.

Either way that you look at it, Pokemon is still amazing as it is because it decided to expand and experiment. Genwunners see the First Generation as this Utopian world of perfection, but we all know how Utopias “really” work. And that’s why Genwunners, no matter what happens with the franchise, will never see their ideal dream come true, and that’s why you should never follow the ways of the Genwunner. Because honestly, who of us would want to live in a world where the Genwunners got their way? Sounds pretty boring if you ask me.


Anyway, I think I’m done with this issue as it is. Got a little bit deep on this one, but that’s what happens with I get REALLY invested into a subject. I’d like to hear your thoughts on this subject as well. Leave a comment down below, share this article with the rest of your Pokemon friends, and I’ll see you guys in the next issue!

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