Hello, my dear PUCLonians, and welcome back to The Fluff! Following my last article, I’d like to take a stroll with you in bright, verdant Hoenn, shaking dewdrops off the leaves and admiring the lovely Pokémon that populate it.

That’s right: I love Gen III. Its region, its Pokémon, its remakes… ah, Thatch, my dear, your wrongness about this Gen’s awesomeness is palpable. (Who needs to complete a Pokédex when you have Gardevoir and Treecko?)


Probably, Whimsicott, probably. But let’s not get to the list yet, I’d like to talk about my experience with Gen III some more. Since I stopped playing halfway trhough Silver (long story that you’ve heard before), I did not experience Gen III “live”; I came back to Pokémon for Platinum, and got Gen III as a sort of retro-addendum, with my siblings lending me Emerald and Fire Red. You get no guesses as to which generation I enjoyed more in the long run (although I hope my recent purchase of a couple more Gen IV games will give some love back to poor Sinnoh).

I’ve since played through Emerald several times, and of course I greatly enjoyed Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. I honestly think Gen III had some of the strongest overall Pokémon designs of them all. So yeah, now let me tell you who my favorites are: here’s my Top 6 Gen III Pokémon!

Number 6: Milotic

Milotic is beautiful; that’s its thing, right? Well, it’s also a Pokémon with a great story in the Adventures manga, and a steadfast component of my Gen VI competitive teams (I love using Milotic in OU and I can’t wait to fit it on a Gen VII team, too).

It is also the hallmark of a very patient trainer.

OH ARECEUS YES. The time I spent looking for a Feebas in Emerald was… insane. And then more insanity was needed, to gather enough of the right Berries to make good enough Poké Blocks to max its Beauty out. But the reward was totally worth it. And have you checked out its Pokédex entries? Milotic will soothe troubled hearts and stop people from feuding. I love this Pokémon.

Number 5: Treecko

In case you haven’t heard me say it yet, GECKOS ARE COOL. They are among the coolest animals on Earth, and Treecko embodies that coolness without a hint of effort. The fact that it’s a Grass-type only made me fall in love with it even faster, and I picked it as my Starter in Emerald without a single doubt.

Well, of course! Grass is always the way to go.

To be fair, I’ve since come to decide that as a bunch, the Hoenn Starters are probably the best. Torchic is cute as a button in its Gen VI animations, and Mudkip is a mellow fellow. They also go great together. But Treecko is always a step up in my eyes, aven if its final form’s Mega Evolution shoots freaking Cristmas trees out of its tail.

Number 4: Swablu and Altaria

Ah, the majesy of Dragon types! The… dorky bluebird that likes pretending to be a hat and the floofy cloud who can, at most, threaten to smother you in more fluff that even a Whimsicott has.

HEY! In proportion to our body sizes, I am still the fluffiest!

True, true, I’ll give you that. Swablu and Altaria have lovely color schemes, and they represent the sky itself to me: those windy, clear days with perfect whtite clouds and intensely blue skies, to be precise. My very favorite days. It’s no wonder I love them. I also enjoyed using Mega Altaria a couple of times, and I’m hoping there’s some niche in the meta for it quite soon. But speaking of dorky Dragons…

Number 3: Flygon

Flygon was, for a time, or rather a few times, my favorite Pokémon.


Hey, you weren’t there for most of the aforementioned times. And you know I’m fickle. But while it’s not in my absolute top 5 or maybe even 10 right now, there was never a time after I first saw Flygon when I wasn’t very, very fond of it. This desert spirit is described as mysterious and elusive… possibly because, when you see that it’s wearing dorky goggles and footy PJs, you’ll have trouble taking it seriously again. But that’s precisely why I love it.

My one gripe with Flygon is that even with it getting Dragon Dance in Gen VII, I still can’t make it a useful member of my team. I’ll never forgive Game Freak for robbing us of Mega Flygon (although the justification was apparently that it was impossible to improve on its looks, which I can definitely get behind).

Number 2: Gardevoir

My love for the Ralts line is everlasting. Another proud wearer of footy PJs, Ralts evolves into two of my favorite Pokémon! But since Gallade is Gen IV, let’s gush about Gardevoir for now. Its beauty and elegance are boundless; I love every detail of its design, from the shape of its arms to its flowy dress, to its colors; its lore is adorable, too.

Hey, I’d create a black hole for you, too, if I knew how.

… really? Whimsicott, that’s… thank you. I… don’t know what to say.

Yeah, can you imagine the pranks one could pull with an actual black hole? The possibilities are literally endless!

… right. Thanks, Whimsicott. Anyway, Gardevoir is lovely in every possible way. And my next breeding project is going to be for a Mega Altaria. We’ll scream our way to victory, my beautiful bride!

Number 1: Jirachi

I’ve gushed about my love for Jirachi so many times, I don’t know what’s left to say. The amazing design? Check. Its competitive versatility? Check. Its perfect Tanabata-related lore? Check. I only ever bought one of those Mythical TCG Collection boxes, and that was the Jirachi one, just so I could get the pin.

Yeah, my fellow Pokken supporter is pretty darn cool.

Yes. Yes it is. Jirachi was the first of the anniversary plushes I bought; actually, I admired it so loudly in a store that my godmother insisted on gifting it to me, so it has even more lovely memories attached to it now. I often carry a Jirachi Moncollé in my bag as a sort of lucky charm. Yeah. Jirachi is just awesome.

What do you say, PUCLonians? What is your favorite Gen III Pokémon? Do you agree that this Gen had great designs, or are you among the ones who think they started to look less Pokémon-like right around here? Let me know in the comments!

And one last thing before I go: I’ll be on holiday soon, and as you might have noticed, The Fluff hasn’t been very regular lately. I think it’s time I take about a month or so off, so that I can come back to you with better articles after the break. So please, wait with a bit more patience this time. I’ll do my best to make it worth your while!

Until next time,

The Fluffiest Whimsicott