The Fluff: Fakes and Leaks and Spoilers, oh my!

Hello, my dear PUCLonians, and welcome to a doubtfully legitimate edition of The Fluff! This week, Snag and I were inspired by the Sun and Moon starters and player characters which… did not leak from CoroCoro. Leaks and fakes have been an integral part of the Pokémon fandom for a very long time, and I’m a spoilerphobe with poor impulse control… a very dangerous combination!

The Sun and Moon leaks

You’ve probably seen these already: Kotaku posted them, pointing out they were fake, but they had been making the rounds for a little while, and everyone had to turn to him, the man, the one oracle of true Pokémon legitimacy: Joe from Serebii. Who, of course, did confirm they were fake.

Well, you could probably have figured it out on your own.

I honestly didn’t, Whimsicott. I wasn’t over the Moon (er) about them, but the page is so well made, and so close to the real CoroCoro style… long story short, when someone I trust showed them to me believeing they were real, I was fooled. (Shame on me, and you know who you are, and I blame you for my shame, my esteemed colleague.) Thankfully, we found out they were fake just a few minutes after that, so my shame is limited.


As you can see, these are extremely convincing, especially for someone, like me, who can’t notice punctuation errors in the Japanese.

You should really learn some.

I’d love to, but again, unless you can convince a Dialga to make me extra time, it’s going to be hard to pull off. A few days before that, another leak had been making the rounds, although this one existed in a void and originated from a 4chan thread, so, in spite of the good design, it wasn’t hard to know it was fake.


Honestly, if we didn’t already have Wingull, I’d be down for a Pokémon like that. But more in general, although I understand the satisfaction one must feel when someone believes your design is good enough to be taken for a real Pokémon, I wish we had far fewer of these leaks.

But most of them are so obviously fake. What harm are they? Besides being annoying, of course.

Well… first off, I hate it when people purposefully deceive others. I know part of this stems from me being very gullible, and thus very vulnerable to being fooled, but I think it’s just a bad thing to do. If someone likes your fake information, they’ll be disappointed when it turns out it won’t come true. And feeling like a fool is never a good sensation. And then there’s the other side of the coin…

Past leaks that turned out to be true

When some genius folks I sadly share a nationality with (plus someone from Canada) started leaking information and pictures from X&Y a few days before its release, I, of course, was in a frenzy of hype and had to check everything out. All while regretting the fact that I was spoiling myself, but I thought, hey, I’ve seen about 50 new Pokémon, there’s going to be so much more to discover as I play, right?

Oh. Yes, I can see how you’d be disappointed.

Yeah. I’ll admit, there was one leak I very quickly came to appreciate.


When I first saw it, in all its blurry goodness, I thought it was a fat, stout toad, and with that tongue scarf… I found it gross, and I hoped it was fake. Then I thought it was a good thing I had been #teamFennekin from the day of the announcement. Then I thought: “Uh, this tongue scarf thing is actually pretty funny,” and took a second look at the picture. When I was finally able to process it the right way, I was hooked. And then Delphox leaked. And so it was that, a couple of days before the release, I changed my choice of starter and never looked back. That Greninja is the first Pokémon I ever raised to level 100.

So the leaks were good!

This one was useful, OK, but there was another one I hoped beyond hope was fake, and then it… wasn’t.

Why, Game Freak? WHY??!?

Plus, they had already revealed most of the Pokémon, and the leaks spoiled everything! The only awesome surprise I got from X&Y, Pokémon-wise, was when my Flabébé evolved into Floette, which I hadn’t seen at all, and I loved it. But I didn’t get that feeling of walking into the tall grass and finding some completely new and unknown Pokémon. The last time I had that was in Silver. So…

Whimsicott’s spoiler policy

Gimme next month's CoroCoro NOW.
Gimme next month’s CoroCoro NOW.

Oh, it’s a mess. In pure theory, for Sun and Moon I only want to see the starters (unevolved only) and the cover legendaries. In practice… I am part of a pretty cool Pokémon community and podcast. You may have heard of it. And I am extremely weak-willed. I am hoping beyond hope I can stay unspoiled for the new Pokémon and the plot, but… I’m not about to bury my head in the sand and not talk to everyone here for eight months just for that purpose.

You’d never resist, anyway.

I know! I am so good at avoiding spoilers for everything else, but the Pokémon hype train is way too real. It’s going to be a difficult year.

I believe other humans would say… first world problems, much?

Yeah, you’re absolutely right. So whether my next favorite Pokémon will be revealed to me in a leak or as I play Sun and Moon, I’ll be grateful for it!


Kidding! Just kidding, fluffball. My dear PUCLonians, what do you think about leaks? Do you enjoy them? Do you wish awful things will happen to people who create fakes? Will you be spoiling yourselves rotten for Sun and Moon, or is your will power far greater than mine? Let me know in the comment section, and then come back tomorrow to find out what Snag thinks about all this, as usual, in Anything Goes!

Until next time,

The Fluffiest Whimsicott


I discovered Pokémon at 17 and never looked back (thanks, Team Rocket, for making the anime more fun and making me want to pick up the game). I'm now 31 and I'm not in the least ashamed to still love Pokémon... especially Grass types! I'm from Italy, so time zones will be a thing if we want to battle or trade. Sorry in advance. Trivia: my first Pokémon ever was a Charmander.

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