Hello, my dear PUCLonians, and welcome to a special edition of The Fluff! This is, of course, in honor of the Sun and Moon news that dropped on Tuesday: Snag and I could not contain ourselves, and you’ll be getting both our articles this week! (Snag will go back to his regularly scheduled article next week.) I had been eagerly awaiting for exactly what was shown in this trailer… so what did I think about it?

The Starters

rowlet_2 litten_2 popplio_2

I’ll admit: the very first words that came out of my mouth as the starters were shown and turned around were: “Oh my God, I hate all of them!” I was, understandably, upset. In the first couple of seconds, Rowlet looked like a featureless, still lump, Litten looked like a Sanrio character instead of a Pokémon, and Popplio looked utterly stupid.

Well, not every Pokémon can be as amazing as I am, to be fair.

Whimsicott, be good. That was, as I said, for the first seconds. Then the trailer moved on, and…


Rowlet turned its head around 180°! Like a real owl! And it had a new move! And it looked so soft! I immediately started going “#TeamRowlet” in my head.

Well, it is a Grass type. You can’t go wrong with that.

It’s also a Flying type, making it the first dual-typed starter from the get-go since Bulbasaur! It took twenty years for someone else to break the mold. And as soon as I saw that, I started picturing majestic white wings on an evolution a bit like a Noctowl, only, you know, a thousand times better.

Need I remind you of your epic fail regarding being on Team Fennekin?

… please, don’t. The very thought that the same thing might happen to this guy hurts. I mean, Reddit is already calling it Hedgewig and Doctor Hoo; I cannot deal with its final evolution being Delphox 2.0. Especially since I’ll be trying as hard as I can to not see it before I play the game. I spoiled myself for everything in X and Y, thinking there would be way more Pokémon, and I really regretted it. But even if Rowlet ends up making me want to throw my game through the window, I’ll get a second chance…

litten-largeFlammable. Hairballs. And fur that stands up on its back when it attacks. Litten is 100% a cat, and I love cats. (Have you ever heard Shamu and me coo about Thatch’s cat? It’s a thing of creepy beauty. Us, not the cat.) I’m still iffy about it looking rather un-Pokémon-like, but since I’ll probably have to start playing on a version that won’t be my main, I might play two games in parallel, and this guy will be my secondary version starter.

You can barely finish one game at once. Why two?

Because Game Freak hates Europe with a passion? Seriously, the games are released on a Wednesday here. What could possibly be the point in that? I’ll never believe it’s a commercial choice, they just want us to get the game a bit late. I mean, I know Italy sucks at sticking to the Day One release, but this just encourages people to try and get around it! Personally, I might reset my old 3DS XL to Australia and buy the game from that eShop… thus getting to play the game almost a full day before the US, in a perfectly legitimate way (I’d wait, but, you know, PUCL). I know most people don’t have a 3DS they can just reset willy-nilly (hi, Thatch!), but I’m sure people will find other, possibly worse ways to get around this, thus creating a vicious cycle of wrongness.

… weren’t we talking about a cute little black… cat, you called it?

Right, sorry, I got carried away. Litten. It still doesn’t look like a Pokémon, but it might be pretty good anyway. It’s totally going to become Fire/Dark when it evolves, mark my word.


Popplio… uh…


… Popplio still looks stupid. I’m sorry, I really am. But it’s Oshawott all over again. I mean, it is also quite cute, and I’m sure many people will love it and cherish it and make it happy, but I don’t feel inclined to be one of them at the moment. Especially since its signature balloons are made by snorting them out of its nose. Gross!

The Alola Region


IT’S HAWAII, BABY! Excuse me as I do a very long, very dorky victory dance. I (and by I, I mean the Internet) was right! We’re going to paradise, and it looks amazing. And when we’re there, we’re going to look amazing. Character customization seems to be back, yes (YAY!), but my favorite part is that the characters no longer look like Pokémon Rumble World versions of themselves. You get the full model even in the overworld, and boy, it’s great. Even though the male character, at least, runs like a total dork. Some genius on the Internet, whose comment I can’t find again, said: “It’s like the spell Oak put on us to make us tiny is finally wearing off all the way!” (I love you, random Internet person.)


You’re wearing a really weird hat, though.

… I know. I hope I get to change it. Anyway, the region looks amazing… the part that we saw, at least, which Thatch tells me is the island of Oahu. It looks tiny, so we’ll probably get to travel to the other islands! Hopefully not by surfing for miles, but I think ORAS, with its added ease of getting through water routes, showed that Game Freak has learned that we hate that.

The Legendaries


Having picked my starter, I just needed to pick my version… so when the trailer suddenly exploded with Legendaries, I thought it was a great thing. Solgaleo (it’s totally its name) roared at me, stars in its brow, and I said to myself: “Well, it’s ok, this is the one I don’t like as much, Lunaala will be…”


… terrifying. Lunaala is terrifying, in spite of its mild, wise expression. I was quite upset about it, because from the name (Luna + Ala = Moon + Wing, in straight up Italian, no less) I was picturing something like a feather-winged, white Cresselia. Giant skeletal bat of doom wasn’t what I had in mind.

It does look very… scary.

Yeah. So, to my utter surprise, I’m #TeamSun. Who’d have thought, right? Moon will probably be the version I get on my old 3DS with Litten, if I do end up enacting my evil plan. But I do like one thing very much about Solgaleo and Lunaala together.

What’s that?

Their overall style. It’s totally reminiscent of 70’s mecha anime. Solgaleo, is of course, a lion from Beast King GoLion, or, as we heathens in the West know it, the lion version of Voltron. Although, as Viger rightly pointed out, its design matches more exactly the one of Liger Zero from the far more recent Zoids.


Lunaala, instead, immediately put me in mind of a villain from said old anime genre, and I wasn’t surprised to find one that fits it to a t: Empress Janera from Combattler-V.

blog_import_534cf32df2583 boku_roba_kun-img600x450-1436296592suzedg7308

I am extremely curious to find out what Marshadow, the likely third Legendary, will look like, since the characteristic design from UFO Robot Grendizer was already used for Mega Salamence, and Golurk kind of covers generich mecha.

This might just be all in your head.

We’ll see, Whimsicott. We’ll see.


I wasn’t as blown away by the starters and Legendaries as I had hoped to be, but the hype for a new Pokémon game is definitely real, especially given the beauty of the region and the characters and all that. What starter will you pick? And what version? What are your general thoughts? Let me know in the comments! Also, if you haven’t already, you should watch the Japanese trailer now. Really, NOW.


And if your eyes are not shiny after that, check that your bedside lamp is still where it’s supposed to be, because a Lampent may have just stolen your soul.

Until next time,

The Fluffiest Whimsicott