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The Fluff: Gotta Catch’em All, Shiny Charm edition (or, level 9 and under Legendaries not required)

The Fluff: Gotta Catch’em All, Shiny Charm edition (or, level 9 and under Legendaries not required)

Hello, my dear PUCLonians! This week we’ll complete our National Pokédex… journey. Once again, I recommend you check out Snag’s Anything Goes article on the very same topic.

Generation IV


Generation IV started out incredibly promising if one wanted to, well, catch’em all: it was once again possible to transfer Pokémon from the previous Gen III games, and, most importantly, Wi-Fi conncetivity was implemented for the first time, making it possible to trade Pokémon with people all over the world. So, while with local conncetivity only you’d need both Diamond and Pearl and a very full Gen III Pokédex (you’d still need both Diamond and Pearl if you were trying to complete the Platinum Pokédex), in theory you could have just one Gen IV game available, and get all the Pokémon you were missing from the wondrous GTS, the Global Trade Station!

You said “in theory”.

I sure did, my dear Pokémon alter ego. See, the GTS was actually a pile of rot bigger than Hamlet’s Denmark. You could only see a handful of potential trade partners at a time, and the chance that one of them was not asking for a Legendary Pokémon was almost nonexistent. The chance that one of them was not asking for a Legendary Pokémon that was, very impossibly, under level 10, was still very slim. And you had to have seen the Pokémon you wanted, so it was maybe good for version exclusives still owned by Trainers in your Version and not much else. Essentially, it made looking for Pokémon on the GTS completely impossible. You could, of course, deposit your Pokémon and ask for something you needed in return, but you wouldn’t really be guaranteed to get what you wanted.

So you’d still need all that mess of Game Cube games you mentioned last week?

Or you could just wait a bit for HeartGold and SoulSilver to come out. Since the problem in Gen III was mainly with Johto Pokémon, having them conveniently available in a Gen IV game made a Pokédex enthusiast’s life a lot easier. Plus, these games also have Kanto in them, further lowering the number of Pokémon you might need to transfer from Gen III. At this point, the biggest challenge came from certain Gen IV Pokémon, like Spiritomb (who only appeared in the games under extremely specific circumstances that you’d totally need a guide to figure out) and Manaphy (almost exclusively available by transferring an Egg from the Pokémon Ranger sidegames).

One day I'll beat my laziness and get you. But this is not that day.

One day I’ll beat my laziness and get you. But this is not that day.

Speaking of sidegames, the most reliable way to ever get a Mew was to… transfer 999 Pokémon into My Pokémon Ranch. Frankly, the glitch might have been more fun; plus, Ranch is only compatible with Diamond and Pearl (at least outside of Japan).

Generation V


In Generation V-

I appeared! And all was well with the world! Wheeeee!

Yes. And no. See, the GTS was slightly improved, but it still sucked a lot. And there were no remakes in this Generation, so you’d need quite a few older games to complete your Pokédex. This time, though, there was a peculiarity, in that one of the two versions was markedly better than the other for this purpose: White contains White Forest, populated by a bunch of Pokémon from previous Generations. Of course, you’ll want to make sure you beat the game within ten days of starting it, otherwise your White Forest will be forlornly empty (much like my apparently useless Black City, because I take my sweet time playing through games, and nobody warned me. Oh, Game Freak. Sometimes, I just have to love you less).

Pffft. Black is by far the better game.

You do know you are available as an in-game trade in White, right?

Meh. One lone Cottonee in a vast, vast world is obviously not enough.

… I do agree with you, though. Also, Reshiram is amazing.

Sing it, sister.

Anyway, the Dream World on the Pokémon Global Link website and, later, the Dream Radar, could be of some help in completing the Pokédex. This Generation had a couple fewer event-only Pokémon, but they are actually more exclusive than Gen IV’s more numerous ones, as most of those could be obtained from sidegames as well as from events.

All in all, completing the National Pokédex was still a giant headache… but in Black and White 2, it may well have been worth your while, because of this little bunch of pixels.


My preciousssss.

That, my friends, is the wonderful, magic Shiny Charm, which makes it three times as likely that you’ll meet or hatch a shiny Pokémon. I say it all the time, so you certainly know: in 15 years of playing Pokémon, I have never encountered a random, full-odds shiny, so this marvelous object was a dream of mine… but I never even completed White 2, let alone the Pokédex in it! The first one I’ll someday do. The second… well, in the immortal words of an Internet meme protagonist, ain’t nobody got time for that!

Generation VI


Ah, modern times! Generation VI, despite having reached the crazy number of 721 Pokémon, is the one I would actually try to complete the Pokédex in. If, you know, I had that kind of time.

Really? Do you get the Shiny Charm again?

Indeed. But it’s not just that: with the release of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, every single non-event Pokémon is available in Generation VI, requiring only a few transfers from previous Gens for events. Plus, the GTS is actually very usable this time around, and even just spending half an hour Wonder Trading extra Pokémon you got from breeding will probably net you a few new entries in your Pokédex. Although the way I’d do it would probably be to actually try and catch all the species available in X (or Y) and Alpha Sapphire (or Omega Ruby), and then getting the Pokémon I’m missing from the GTS, playing as if my character, for once, actually cares about helping the dear local Professor fulfill their dream.

Because you usually don’t. You soulless child.

Did you just call me child? That’s… actually kind of…

I obviously meant your characters. You’re old and wrinkled, we all know that.

Why are you so mean lately? All you do is say horrible things to me! And eat.

I don’t know. Maybe I’m bored, because someone stole my job!

I offered you a chance to go on vacation! You’re so impossible.

I am not, and shouldn’t you be actually doing the job right now? You know? Mine?

Uhm… I think we’re actually done. Well, I should probably mention that if you’re going to get certain evolutions in Gen VI, you’ll have to keep a guide handy, because crazy things are required (I’m looking at you, little Inkay).


Why? Isn’t holding your 3DS upside down as I level up a completely natural thing to do?

Also, at the time being, one Pokémon, Volcanion, is still unavailable, so you should be satisfied to get 720 (because hacking isn’t fun). Do you have anything to add?

Lots, but I think what you did here is… sufficient.

Wow, thanks for the ringing endorsement. I’ll give you ice cream with Pecha Berries for that.


Yeah. I’m a nice girl. Unlike someone we know.

Can’t imagine who that might be.

Well! My dear PUCLonians, this is the end of our special double feature! Have you ever completed a National Pokédex? Do you plan on ever trying to? (In that case, please refer to Snag’s articles, they are a real, very complete guide on the subject.) Do you have a Shiny Charm? Let me know in a comment, if you’d like! I always love getting those.

Until next time,

The Fluffiest Whimsicott