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Hello, my dear PUCLonians! Welcome to an edition of The Fluff heavily influenced by the fact that Captain America: Civil War ate my brain. (Don’t worry, no spoilers here!) I have always been fascinated by people writing (and drawing) ideas about crossovers between very different franchises. While I wouldn’t sit down and read an entire novel about Sailor Moon teaming up with a bunch of Jedis, I’ll never turn down a discussion of which Hogwarts House each Firefly character would get sorted into. And so I bring you an article about my beloved Avengers (first movie roster for now, because why not start at the beginning?) and their beloved Pokémon!

Each piece of art in this article is by FerioWind, a lovely artist who had lots of great ideas about this particular crossover (you’ll find me agreeing with them several times) and has a link to their DeviantArt, where they also explain why each Avenger has the Pokémon they have. Go check them out, they have more art that I won’t include here but is still great.

Captain America

Art by FerioWind on DeviantArt.
Art by FerioWind on DeviantArt.

Well, FerioWind had some amazing ideas here. I guess Braviary is a must, and Shieldon is, I admit, perfection. But then I’d give Steve a Hitmonchan, because those two old-fashined boxers would get along great. Also, one of Hitmonchan’s Pokédex entries states: “This Pokémon has an indomitable spirit and will never give up in the face of adversity.” Quite appropriate for our stubborn Captain…

Yeah. Sometimes his head is harder than his shield.

So much truth, Whimsicott. So much truth. But his steadfastness is also an admirable trait, one which would make a Gallade a perfect Pokémon for him! Then, since Steve seems to have an unfortunate habit of dropping into large bodies of water, I’d give him a Floatzel, to help him out. And finally, a Wartortle.

Just because they both have wings on their heads?

What can I say, I love matching sets. Plus the Blastoise line seems to work well enough with Steve.

Iron Man

Art by FerioWind on DeviantArt.
Art by FerioWind on DeviantArt.

Again, Porygon-Z and Rotom are genius and I’m not touching Feriowind’s choices on them. While Metagross is also very appropriate, I’m not a fan, so I’d personally give Tony a Golurk, first of all, because seeing it fly alongside the armor would be perfect.

Absolutely. It’s practically the same thing!

Exactly! Then, he should have a Magneton. I bet it’d get on with his bots like a house on fire. I’d then give him a Wigglytuff, because the Pokédex says its fur is the most luxurious thing ever… and Tony can be a bit of a diva, like Jigglypuff. Plus, the hilariousness of Tony Stark, genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, going around followed by a bright pink Wigglytuff can’t be ignored. And for last, a Gardevoir. It’s also very elegant and classy… and it’s the Embrace Pokémon.

You just want to give him a hug, don’t you?

You know me. I’m a total Tony Stark fangirl.

Black Widow

Art by FerioWind on DeviantArt.
Art by FerioWind on DeviantArt.

I actually think all three of FerioWind’s choices are awesome here. But we need three more to make a team! A Mawile, who is tiny and cute but hides a rear-kicking side, would fit her pretty well, I think. Nat also always seems to be waiting for the other shoe to drop… which makes me feel like an Absol would be a perfect choice.

Because they have a similar attitude?

Kind of. I mean, with Absol, she’d know for sure when something bad is about to go down. Maybe she could relax a bit the rest of the time, you know? And as for her last Pokémon… well, can’t you just imagine her and a Mienshao whirling through enemies together? So beautiful! And powerful.


Art by FerioWind on DeviantArt.
Art by FerioWind on DeviantArt.

Yup. Raikou. Can’t argue with that. But I see Thor with a Raichu, not a Pichu, and with a Luxray rather than a Shinx. Moving away from just Electric types, although FerioWind’s explanation about that is gold, I can see Thor with a Samurott, for some reason.

Huh. Why?

I don’t really know. It just gives off an air that reminds me of Thor and his Asgardian friends, somehow. A Tauros would be a good fit, too… you know how Thor just goes ahead and charges in without listening, sometimes?

Yeah. Just like a Tauros. It works.

And finally, Thor should have a Munchlax. Think about it.

yes. I can see that.

Although I bet between the two of them they could represent a serious supply problem… imagine the amount of food they’d need!


Art by FerioWind on DeviantArt.

Seriously? Only two Pokémon for poor Clint? Well, I’ll keep those, to start with. They do fit very well. Then, Remoraid: people tend to forget about it, like they sometimes forget about Clint, but it’s as much of a sharpshooter as Hawkeye himself. A good fit, I’d say. Hawlucha also goes hand in hand with Clint in my head. They are both less imposing than most of their enemies, and they like to control the situation from above. I think Hawlucha would be a good partner for Clint.

I am now picturing Hawkeye doing Hawlucha’s pose. Thanks.

Ha! That’s funny. And weird. I like Furret for Clint, too, and then… an Ambipom!

An Ambipom?

Yeah! It could hold extra arrows, and climb around with him. It would be cool.

The Hulk

Art by FerioWind on DeviantArt.
Art by FerioWind on DeviantArt.

I love the idea of a Pokémon team to keep Bruce’s alter ego calm and happy. Meganium is the best pick, I feel, and I’m keeping it. But I’d want to add some variety to the squad. First, he should have a Goomy.

A… Goomy?

Yes! The Hulk can’t smash a Goomy. He’ll just slip. And Goomy will keep the Hulk amused, I think. Goomy is so cute and quirky. Bruce could have an Audino, who’d know right away if he’s getting a bit too upset. A great way to keep unwanted Hulk-outs away! A Ditto seems like an interesting lab partner for Bruce, somehow. But I also think having someone who understands him would be nice. Enter Primeape, who is, according to the Pokédex, “Always furious and tenacious to boot.” Yup, Primeape is always angry, too. And finally, a Swablu.

Again with the weird choices… why a Swablu, of all Pokémon?

Ahem. “For some reason, it likes to land on people’s heads softly and act like it’s a hat.” Can you imagine how utterly hilarious the Hulk would look with a Swablu for a hat?

You have issues, girl.

That may well be true. Anyway, this is it for me. Next week, Snag will cover a crossover of his own… I won’t spoil with what, though! In the meanwhile, what do you think of these choices? Is there a Pokémon you think a certain Avenger would simply have to have? Would you like me to cover more characters from this franchise, or to do another crossover in the future? Please, let me know in the comments! In the meanwhile, I’ll just have to go and see Civil War again.

Until next time,

The Fluffiest Whimsicott


I discovered Pokémon at 17 and never looked back (thanks, Team Rocket, for making the anime more fun and making me want to pick up the game). I'm now 31 and I'm not in the least ashamed to still love Pokémon... especially Grass types! I'm from Italy, so time zones will be a thing if we want to battle or trade. Sorry in advance. Trivia: my first Pokémon ever was a Charmander.

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