Hello, my dear PUCLonians, and welcome back to The Fluff! I apologize for the unannounced hiatus: two wild Jobs popped out of the tall grass as soon as I got back from my holiday, and the ensuing double battle was long and extenuating.

While I was busy, a ton of news was dropped (on top of the other ten tons of news we already had), and today I’m going to give you my take on a few pieces of it. If you don’t see me talking about your favorite new reveal, fear not! Snag is going to talk about it for you tomorrow in Anything Goes.

Now, let’s get into it! Are you ready, Whimsicott?

Yaaawn… what? We’re back already? Has the plane landed?

Wait. Have you been asleep for an entire week?

What can I say… you kept me in the sun a lot, and I’m not a Chlorophyll Whimsicott…

Huh. I guess the saying “like Trainer, like Pokémon” isn’t wrong…

The Aether Foundation

This organization is the one that constructed that artificial island in the middle of the Alola region archipelago, called the Aether Paradise. They cure hurt Pokémon and shelter them from evil groups like Team Skull, and they are, very obviously, let’s say it all together now…

The real bad guys of the game!

Yuuup! If even little old naive me can tell, it must be painfully obvious.

Hey, I just woke up, and I could tell. Just look at them!


First of all, they have what essentially amounts to grunts, as every evil team does. Then they have admins: an obviously evil guy (nothing to say here), and someone who, fine, looks extremely sweet and cuddly. Nice, right?


But you know who she reminds me of?


Yes. Of pure, unadultered evil. I guess we’ll feel a bit foolish if they’re good guys, but come ooooon. Their boss, Lusamine, may be extremely pretty and elegant and all that, but her angular haircut and green eyes that are missing the usual white anime reflection give her a rather cold look that honestly unsettles me. Speaking of green eyes, Lusamine looks just like Gladion, a newly revealed member of Team Skull.

225px-sun_moon_lusamine 225px-sun_moon_gladion

Everyone is guessing they are related (them and Lillie, who also resembles them quite a bit, but that’s probably another story), and not just because of their looks. Gladion seems to care quite a bit about Pokémon, for a member of an “evil” team, and his partner Pokémon is our second subject today… “subject” being a term that is especially appropriate for this peculiar Pokémon.

Type: Null


Like many others, I was rather perplexed by this Pokémon’s name. What’s even more interesting about it is a tidbit from here yonder (and Spain). Unlike what happens in all other languages, Italian and Spanish keep the English names for Pokémon (much to my happiness, because I sure as heck don’t have room for 1500 Pokémon names in my head). Not so for Type: Null: its Italian and Spanish names have been translated, for the very first time, into Tipo Zero and Código Cero (Type Zero and Code Zero, respectively).

This has prompted quite a bit of speculation: is this a placeholder name of sorts? Will we get its real name if its mask is ever removed? Since it’s stated clearly that this Pokémon has been artificially created-

By the evil Aether Foundation!

– yes, of course, I’d say that’s the name it was given and it’s as valid as “Mewtwo”, and arguably more valid than “Eleven” (Stranger Things was adorable even in its scariness). That said, while this Pokémon can’t exactly be called cute, I will give mine the nicest nickname I can think of. I mean, think about it. It was put together part by part, to be thrown into battle against legendary Pokémon, put in a mask that slows and limits it, and given, instead of a proper name, the cold designation of a prototype experiment.

Aw. Poor babe. We definitely need to give it a hug.

Once we’re sure it’s not going to, like, try to eat us. It does look rather fierce… and scary.

Not as scary as the Demogorgon!

Oh, boy, that’s for sure.

Time travel in Pokémon Sun and Moon!

suntime moontime

wait. What did I miss while I was asleep? I don’t remember anything about time travel in the brief!

Well, it might be a bit of a stretched definition, but… think about it. If Pokémon Moon takes place 12 hours after Pokémon Sun, and Pokémon Sun is in sync with your 3DS clock… Pokémon Moon takes place in the future!

I suppose that’s true.

Which gave me a lot of pause. While going by names only I was sure I’d want to get Moon as my main version, ever since the legendaries were revealed I have been on Team Sun. Lunala scares me a bit, and I’ve recently become a fan of the new Voltron series, so Solgaleo is even more my thing. But… playing in the future is so cool! Then again, I love the night-time graphics, and I mostly play in the evening, so in order to see the starry sky I’d need to play Sun. It also looks like Lurantis might only be a totem Pokémon in that game, and I really like Lurantis… I guess I’ll wait and see if more version exclusives or differences are revealed. But I know, either way, I’ll be itching to play the other version even before I complete my first run through.

What’s next?

Another gameplay trailer is coming out on Wednesday, and after Type: Null, Ultra Beasts and time travel, or whatever you want to call it, I really don’t know what to expect. Sun and Moon are shaping out to be the most original Pokémon games ever (no Gyms!), and right now I’m on the verge of feeling they might be about to go a tad too far. (Much like Jushiro, I feel very weird about having an uncatchable creature that’s neither human nor Pokémon hanging around in the Pokémon universe, which is what UB-01 might be… besides Lillie, of course.) For now, my hype is still very much real, and I am about to start counting the days, like they are on Reddit…

What did you think about these last bits of news? What did you find most weird? What version are you getting? Let me know in the comments, and come back tomorrow to share more thoughts on Snag’s Anything Goes article!

Until next time,

The Fluffiest Whimsicott