Hello, my dear PUCLonians, and welcome to another foray into the Fluff! So useless, yet so softly pleasant. This week Snag and I have something a little different for you: we’re both discussing shinies, but while he’s venting about the ones he despises (in his Anything Goes column, as ever, be sure to check that out), I’m squeeing over my favorite ones. So let’s move onto my Top 5… no wait, my Top 10… no, that’s still not… all right, my Top 30 shiny Pokémon!

Top 30? Are you nuts?

Yes. Top 30. Run now, while you still can. But first, an honorable mention to Leafeon, whose shiny form used to be amazing, and is now completely pointless:

leafeon leafeon

R.I.P., awesomeness of Leafeon’s shiny form. I do miss you so.

He did look absolutely great. Such a loss. Also, if I’m not in your top 30, you’re dead to me.

But you’re not a shiny Whimsicott.

But I, amazingly, would be even prettier if I was.

30-26: the circumstantial ones

These are the shinies I love… but only in certain circumstances.


White and bright blue Xerneas looks nice, but in Active Mode the black actually compliments the rainbow antlers much, much better. Pink Dunsparce is cute, but I only like it when it’s seen alongside regular blue Dunsparce (I like the contrast). Blue Ditto is really cute… when it’s not a hacked 6IV Japanese shiny Imposter Ditto. Shiny Overcast Cherrim looks great… but then you use Sunny Day and its Sunshine Form is indistinguishable from its non-shiny one. And violet-accented Floette is absolutely adorable, but she only really looks good with certain flower colors (my favorite is blue, but white also rocks… which reminds, me, I should really get around to evolving that White Flower shiny Flabébé I Poké Radared in X).

25-21: the “would be fine either way” ones

These are shinies I like, but that I wouldn’t go mad about using over the regular form, because that one is just as pretty.


Shiny Masquerain is the loudest thing ever. Lots of fun, but maybe after the third headache I’d go back to regular Masquerain. (Yes, it does remind me of a colorful, powerful tropical drink.) Pink Pachirisu is just as adorable as baby blue Pachirisu. Frosty blue Corsola is cool, but I like strawberry-and-whipped-cream regular Corsola just as much. Crystal Mew is super magical, but regular pink Mew is the one I fell in love with and looks warmer and softer. Finally, blue-haired Suicune is just as beautiful and majestic as violet-haired Suicune. I’d love using them both (but my decent-IVs one is not shiny, so I actually use that all the time).

20-16: the “have you guessed my favorite color yet” ones

Blue. Blue just makes everything cooler.


Obligatory blue flame Ponyta is obligatory. Blue dragonflies are my favorite, closely followed by bright green ones, so good job, shiny Yanma. Shiny Mothim exchanges my least favorite bright color, orange, with my favorite, so he also gets lots of points. Shiny Gigalith proves that aqua is almost as cool as blue. And Venonat with bright blue eyes is so trippily great, I’d say it’s “far out”. And then I’d point out that that expression is dated even for me.

Yeah, right. I’ve see the complete collection of Starsky & Hutch DVDs on your shelf!

Those are vintage! Also they’retotallyadorablyinlovesoshutup.

15-11: the “just so cool” ones

These don’t make my Top 10, but they are just so cool.

bulbasaur umbreon ninetales celebi carbink

I love emerald green on bright green. So shiny Bulbasaur, although it’s not that different from the regular one, just looks great to me. Shiny Umbreon is perfect… so much so that it doesn’t catch my eye enough to make the Top 10. It’s just the way Umbreon has to be. Shiny Ninetales has infinite cool points, but I think the warmer regular form has its merits, too. Still, silver and blue mystic kitsune? Amazing. Pink Celebi is adorable and I love it. I wish I could get a Celebi that is both green and pink. And look at black-and-neon-blue Carbink. Isn’t it the most b.a. rock crystal bunny thingy ever?

The actual Top 10

About time! Also, I haven’t seen myself so far. You’d better deliver, human.

Don’t worry. You’re in here somewhere.

10 – Scrafty


Bright green hoodie beats orange hoodie any day of the week. It’s a fact.

9 – Mega Ampharos


I love Mega Ampharos. I don’t really love yellow and red. Pink and blue, though? Adorable.

8 – Reuniclus


I do love green… and shiny Reuniclus keeps that in a lovely barely-there to emerald gradient in its, uh, skeleton? While submerging it all in a lovely, unique shade of see-through blue. I’m sold.

7 – Wigglytuff


While I do love regular Wigglytuff’s turquoise eyes more than shiny Wigglytuff’s green ones, the vast superiority of the shiny pink shade is uncontestable. (Just let me hug a Wigglytuff. Shiny or not. Please.)

6 – Glaceon


I was watching a battle on YouTube, and a Glaceon was sent out. Mesmerized, I though: “I didn’t remember Glaceon looking so amazing!” And that’s because… it doesn’t. But the tweaks in the shiny form’s colors, however slight, somehow make it beautiful.

5 – Litwick and Lampent

litwick lampent

Yes, they’re technically two Pokémon, but bear with me. The brighter blue flame on Litwick is nice, but the real beauty comes with Lampent and its lilac flame. How amazing is that? (Chandelure goes the boring orange flame way and thus doesn’t make the list, although I do love its magenta eyes.)

4 – Jumpluff


Look, I love blue and white, but all-pink Jumpluff is perfect. Just perfect. It was cotton candy before Swirlix was even a glimmer in Game Freak’s eye. It fits the Pokémon so well. Case closed.

3 – Scizor and Mega Scizor

scizor-f scizor-mega

Scizor is a cool Pokémon, and I like using it. It’s just that I’m not a fan of the red and black design. But then one day I saw a Shiny Scizor on YouTube, and the shiny sparkles were in my eyes. Bright green! With emerald accents! Which get more evident when it Mega Evolves! This shiny is probably number one on my “I hope I can one day breed a competitive one” list.

2 – Bellossom


More contrasting shades of green. With contrasting bright pinks on top. Shiny Bellossom is more beautiful than I can say. Hard to believe this is the same shiny that was, dare I say… kinda ugly in Gen II. Way to go, Gen III, for fixing that. I shall ever be grateful, as I am for the DexNav, which allowed me to find a shiny Oddish (yes, I still need to evolve that one, as well).

1 – Whimsicott


Well. I may be utterly boring, but there you have it. Shiny Whimsicott is my favorite shiny.

Wait. I’m your number one shiny? Really?

Well… you’re my number one Pokémon. And your shiny is really cool. Maybe not as pretty as shiny Bellossom, or not such a drastic improvement over the regular form as shiny Scizor… but it’s you.


Also, Shiniest you is actually already in my possession and rocks the VGC format. Or he would if I actually knew how to battle. So that’s extra fondness points right there.

Wait. You have a male shiny Whimsicott?

Yeah. He’s Timid, and a total Prankster. Why?

Uh… keep him in a box. A box very far away from me. I only have eyes for my darling Empoleon.

If you do, what’s the problem with TheShiniest being out of his box?

Look, even your human brain can’t deny the hotness of Shiny Whimsicott. Have mercy on my fluffy Pokémon one.

Hahaha! All right, I’ll keep that in mind. The only temptation you’ll get from me are these delicious Pecha Berries.

Thank you kindly. Also, yummy!

Not as yummy as Shiniest, I bet. Anyway! We’ve kept you long enough, my dear PUCLonians. What are your favorite shinies? Let us know in the comment section!

Until next time,

The Fluffiest Whimsicott