The Fluff: The Top 5 Pokémon Regions That Need Revisiting NOW


Hello, my dearest PUCLonians, and welcome back to a world-spanning edition of The Fluff! Snag and I, swept up as we are in the Go whirlwind, started thinking about exploring and traveling and such… which led to the question: which region or regions do we want to see revisited first? Mind you, we’re not just talking about remakes of old games: we just want to set foot in these amazing places again. Of course, we do have opinions about how we’d like to do that… so there we go: my Top 5 of Pokémon regions I want to see revisited soon!

#5: Kalos


While it’s pretty much my favorite region, this has the lowest priority by virtue of being so recent. I can already see Kalos in beautiful, technicolor 3D, and go through it with pretty much any Pokémon I like. The reason I’d like it back is that all the rumors about Sun and Moon modeling themselves after Gold and Silver have whet my appetite for a post-game with another region. Granted, now that we know Alola is based on Hawaii, it’s not exactly like I expect it to be around the corner from France…

Well, that’s what airplanes are for, right? At least, for you useless humans who cannot ride the appropriate winds.

Well, yes, Whimsicott. Although the beauty of going instantly back and forth between Kanto and Johto would be lost, I suppose putting in an airport for near-instant travel between the two regions could work. To be honest, my main reason for still wanting this is poor Zygarde.

Are you sure you should be commiserating it? I wouldn’t want a giant mecha getting offended and peeved at me.

Don’t worry. Worst case scenario, we can bond over our suffering for the Voltron cliffhanger. What I meant is, every other third Legendary got at least a tiny bit of recognition in its games: we thought Kyurem was an afterthought in Black and White, but it got two entire sequels dedicated to it! Giratina got Platinum, Rayquaza got Emerald and the Delta Episode… with the loss of the very theoretical Z game, having Zygarde’s Formes just show up in Alola would feel extremely awkward.

If, instead, we got something akin to the Delta Episode, in which you get to travel to Kalos and discover the Zygarde Formes… wouldn’t that be pretty darn neat? I’d even be OK with it being self-contained, and only letting you instantly jump back and forth between regions after you complete it (the Delta Episode wasn’t all that long).

#4: Sinnoh


The fact that there is no love lost between Sinnoh and me is no secret. And there’s no hate between us, either: it’s all a giant, wibbly-wobbly ball of meh stuff. But I think part of the reason behind this is that the Gen 4 games were abysmally slow to move through, and this, coupled with a rather forgettable villain and an annoying, often one-note rival, gave them an unshakeable air of boredom in my own personal memory.

Yaaawn… I’m sorry, I dozed off when you said “Sinnoh”.

Which is why I think Sinnoh deserves another chance! The plot (at least in Platinum, the one I played) wasn’t so bad, and if they tweak the characterizations in the great way they did in ORAS (and add some freaking Fire types to the local Pokédex), I think Sinnoh could shine in a Diamond and Pearl remake.

Plus all the people yelling “Sinnoh confirmed!!11!!eleventy!” would be satisfied.

I guess. I just think it would be kind of neat for me, because with the amount of stuff I don’t remember, it would essentially be a new game for the price of a remake.

#3: Unova


I know a lot of people only appreciate Gen V for the plot, but I think Unova is a pretty great region in itself. Even though it goes around in a circle, which is very boring, it has plenty of nice places, like Pinwheel Forest, and… Pinwheel Forest?

Well, you’ll find no argument from me there. And from nobody else, either, right, readers?

Ok, so maybe my memories of Unova are slightly colored by the ability to essentially swim in Cottonee and Whimsicott (no, ORAS, the ability to catch Cottonee with the DexNav post-game is nowhere near being enough, thank you very much). But seriously, the area added in Black & White 2? Amazing. Chargestone Cave? Amazing. Dragonspiral Tower? Amazing. The seasons? The ability to add instruments to the soundtrack by talking to NPCs? The Hidden Grottoes? Come on. Amazing, right?

Well, of course; as anyone with a brain can tell, Unova is the best region by far.

Well… maybe not quite, but imagine a remake that mixes elements from all Gen V games… on the 3DS. The Pokémon availability of Black and White 2 and the plot of Black and White, only with improved characterization. The seasons rendered in detail with amazing graphics. N, in glorious 3D.

Oh, yes. A thousand times yes.

In short, can I have this game now? Please and thank you.

#2: Johto


A sizeable majority of the fandom calls HeartGold & SoulSilver the best Pokémon games ever. And it’s hard to argue with that: the remakes of what were, at the time, the most amazing games ever conceived, the ability to hit the full nostalgia jackpot by going back to both original regions, all the added tweaks and features that made every detail a feast (yes, give back Pokémon following, sure, I just want the freaking toggle button for running shoes)… so why should,’t we want all that, but with current graphics and engines?

I can’t think of a single reason why we wouldn’t, indeed.

Exactly! Johto is a very pretty region in and of itself (the autumnal theme is near and dear to my heart), and so many locations would be absolutely amazing in 3D… and the cutscenes! Can you imagine the summoning of Ho-Oh in Gen VII? The dance of the Kimono Girls? Chasing Suicune over a fully formed landscape? Meeting yourself on top of Mount Silver? (Because of course they could use something like the Memory Link and make that happen.)

Oh, shush, I think I’m drooling into my fluff a little.

So yeah, I wouldn’t particularly care that it would be the remake of a remake. BeatingHeartGold and WhisperingSoulSilver, whatever. Just get on my 3DS.

#1: Kanto


I’ll say this right away: if you had asked me to compile this list just a couple of weeks ago, Kanto probably wouldn’t have made it to the top. But Pokémon Go’s relationship with nostalgia is, unexpectedly, a two-way one: getting excited about a Parasect or a Clefairy has made me long for those days in which pretty much all of the original Pokémon had a place of honor in the world. Like Jushiro and others in PUCL, I found myself putting down my phone (curse you for mocking me, eternal three paw prints) and reaching for the Virtual Console titles on my 3DS. This time, I might even try to complete the Pokédex.

Why don’t I believe that for a moment?

Ok, so my track record with completing in-game projects isn’t the best, but let’s leave that aside. My main point here is that I want to be immersed in that OG world where all 151 Pokémon matter, you can have your very first Pokémon adventure again, and everything is as familiar as your own home… but Kanto is in 3D, you can stand inside Erika’s Gym and see the plants bloom around you, Clefairy can actually appear under the moonlight, and Golbat can freaking evolve into Crobat.

Amen. I mean, not that I approve of even Crobat’s very existence, given how hard it kicks my fluff, but I’m trying to be understanding of other people’s needs and wishes.

Thank you, Whimsicott. And come on. Who wouldn’t want Red and Blue, or even a sequel to Red and Blue, done in the style of Sun & Moon? Raise your hands. Anyone? Yeah, I thought so.

Hey, someone over there is actually raising-

Shut up, I can’t hear you. So, my dear PUCLonians, this is all for today! Which region would you like to go back to sooner? Would you do it in a completely different way than the one I described? Please, let me know in the comments! And don’t forget to come back next week to see what regions Snag wants to see revisited in the next installment of his Anything Goes series.

Until next time,

The Fluffiest Whimsicott


I discovered Pokémon at 17 and never looked back (thanks, Team Rocket, for making the anime more fun and making me want to pick up the game). I'm now 36 and I'm not in the least ashamed to still love Pokémon... especially Grass and Fairy types! I'm from Italy, so time zones will be a thing if we want to battle or trade. Sorry in advance. Trivia: my first Pokémon ever was a Charmander.

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