Hello, my dear PUCLonians, and welcome, a week and a day late, to the Fluff! I apologise for the small unannounced hiatus: a wild life appeared and battled my UUTC prep for attention, and I was the only loser.

As I was raising my first few competitive Pokémon in Alola, I realized that this generation has given us plenty of Pokémon that one might call particular, and I call gimmicky as heck. As much as I hate exploits, I do love a good and interesting gimmick in Pokémon, and so I decided to compile a list for you. Without further ado (ahem), here are my Top 5 gimmick Pokémon of Gen VII!

#5: Oricorio


I am a simple girl: Oricorio is pretty and colorful, and I’m a fan of Darwin’s finches, so here it is. I can never help smiling when I’m walking through flowers on MeleMele Island and run into a wild Pom-Pom Oricorio: it’s just the cheeriest Pokémon ever! And it looks like a bunch of mimosa flowers.

Plus it hangs out in a place full of Cottonee, so you know it’s a cool Pokémon.

That’s right! Before the games came out, I thought you could just catch each Oricorio on its own island and that would be it; when I found out about the Nectars, I was rather pleasantly surprised. I think it would be super interesting to use an Oricorio in something like a Nuzlocke and change its typing depending on the trial or area you’re about to face.

That would make it a lot more useful than its stats would suggest.

Not that its stats are that bad, for a Nuzlocke, mind you. But I can easily see it rising to MVP status with this little trick up its feathered sleeve.

#4: Silvally


Gladion’s little buddy is, indeed, a poor man’s Arceus, as we had sussed out. Unfortunately, with 95s across the board in its stats, it’s not quite the competitive jack-of-all-trades I had hoped for… but it still has possibly the best potential for versatile niche-filling on many teams.

Especially if the teams tend to always contain the same types of Pokémon, such as yours…

I can’t believe you’re the one mocking my love of Fairy and Grass types, Whimsicott! But yeah, my teams do tend to suck. A bit. Which is why I’m keeping Silvally in mind when I teambuild. So far he hasn’t found a spot on my roster, but I might transfer my Sun Type: Null to Moon when I play that and my team gets to the appropriate level, so I can spend some time with the guy. Putting it post-game after making a big deal of it and its need for a Trainer to bond with was a low blow, Game Freak.

#3: Mimikyu


Everyone’s new favorite creepy ghosty, Mimikyu spent some time with me on my playthrough, and was truly appreciated. Not only did Iku-chan add to the cuteness quotient of the team, but she also saved our bacon several times with her many immunities and her awesome Disguise.

Well, she could have dressed up as a better Pokémon, like, say, me, but yes, it was useful. And cute.

Meeting Totem Mimikuy was pretty disconcerting, though… I really wasn’t expecting a giant version of the little guy!

Yeah, that was weird!

But I have very fond memories of that entire section of the game, and I think one day I’ll be able to use Mimikyu’s unique defensive capabilities on a more competitive battlefield. We’ll see!

#2: Cosmog



Sorry, sorry. Memes aside, I adore Cosmog. Cute as heck, mysterious, and recklessly dumb despite its utter uselessness in battle. Cosmog was my friend, even if it was, essentially, Lillie’s Pokémon.

Oh, that little rascal. We did so love him and his lackadaisical escapes.

And then… it changed. I didn’t know that Cosmoem was an actual evolution until I read about it on Bulbapedia, after finishing the game. And there it was, the tiniest yet the heaviest Pokémon ever (seriously, how the heck did Lillie carry that backpack??!!?? She must secretly have the strength of a thousand men), which I guess could have been the source of a joke about how dense Nebby seemed to act, but… then Cosmoem became Solgaleo.

We know, we know. Commence immense freakout, yadda yadda.

Well, it will never get old for me. So yes, Cosmog almost gets to the top of the list, but it is edged out by another Pokémon, which wins by virtue of being waaaaay more gimmicky…

#1: Minior


I’ve spoken at length about how rainbow-colored shooting star + konpeitō = happy, happy Whimsicott. But this Pokémon’s competitive gimmick is fun enough (and definitely not OP enough) that I’ve added one to my UUTC roster.

I personally thought having to crack the shell open to collect all the colors was enough of a gimmick…

I’d have thought that, too, but Shields Down is a pretty interesting Ability. It’s extremely unreliable, of course, but hey… we’re literally wishing on a shooting star here, right?

Jirachi called. It wants its gig back.

Haha, right. But really, as the Smogon pre-Bank OU post put it…


Yup. Maybe. We’ll see if I ever have the guts to bring my sparkly violet friend to a battle (I’d have used indigo, but Shiro the violet Minior already had the right Nature, so it won the Actual-Darwin Award).


Did Gen VII bring a new gimmick Pokémon straight into your list of favorites? Is there a new Pokémon with a gimmick you just hate? Let me know in the comment, and tune in next week for Snag’s Anything Goes, where he’ll be discussing the, uh, evolution of the evolutions (and more) in the Evolutions TCG set!

Until next time,

The Fluffiest Whimsicott