Hello, my dear PUCLonians, and welcome to a rather out there edition of The Fluff! As you can probably imagine, I recoil in horror at the mere mention of the fact that, according to some people, it would be cool if Game Freak added a third type to Pokémon. Two types make remembering move effectiveness interesting, but still possible. With three, battling would be a nightmare.

And yet. When Snag asked me if we’d do an article on Pokémon who’d need a third type to fully make sense, I felt that it was perfectly right. Some Pokémon’s typings are woefully inadequate, even if they already have two. And so, there you have it: in no particular order, 10 Pokémon I think should have a third type! (But not, you know, for real. Otherwise I wouldn’t touch the game with a ten foot pole.)

Gliscor: Ground/Flying/Poison


No, Mr. Maximus, I’m not implying that your buddy Gliscor isn’t perfect just as he is. Far from me. But he’s pretty much the first Pokémon who comes to mind for this. I mean… look at him. Everything about him, from his looks, to his Hidden Ability, to his moveset, just screams “Poison” to me!

And to me. And that’s a scream I run away from really, really fast.

And rightly so, Whimsicott. Gliscor should at the very least be an honorary Poison type!

But… then his Hidden Ability could never work.

You hadn’t thought of that, had you?

Er… well, you’re the Pokémon scientist! Isn’t that what I keep you around for? Here, have a Pecha Berry, good job.

Rotom’s Forms: Electric/X/Ghost

110px-479Rotom-Heat 110px-479Rotom-Fan110px-479Rotom-Mow110px-479Rotom-Wash110px-479Rotom-Frost

Rotom’s forms used to keep Rotom’s original typing in Gen IV. Now, they are made fantastically interesting by having their type modified along with their shape. But as much as I love the typings of Rotom’s forms (so many of them are unique!), wouldn’t it be cool if it hadn’t lost its ghostly nature to get them? Sure, now that it’s inhabiting an appliance, Rotom isn’t incorporeal any more, but then why should, say, Honedge be a Ghost type?

That is actually not an entirely stupid question. I’ll discuss it with Professor Juniper.

Thank you! Anyway, a Ghost/Electric/Ice fridge. Coolest Pokémon ever, or what?

I honestly can’t decide what would be worst: if that pun was intentional, or if it wasn’t.

Can I take the fifth?

Masquerain: Bug/Flying/Water


Speaking of Pokémon who leave cool typings behind… you probably already know I’m a fan of unique typings, and that I dislike Surskit losing its own as it evolves. Put the Water type back on Masquerain, and the problem is solved!

I actually agree with this. Unique typings are the best thing ever.

Oh, stop preening, Whimsicott.

Gallade: Psychic/Fighting/Fairy


I always thought Gallade’s Psychic/Fighting type was pretty cool. But now that the rest of the Ralts line has picked up the awesome Fairy type, well… it seems a bit wrong that Gallade had to be left out.

Yeah. I mean, he got a very cool Mega out of the deal, but what doesn’t get improved by the addition of Fairy?

I have two words for you: Mr. Mime.

point taken.

Anyway, yes, Mega Gallade would be an even more thematically perfect (and more useful) Tuxedo Kamen if he could have the Fairy type, too. Sigh.

Heliolisk: Electric/Normal/Dragon


Reptile: check. Super cool-looking: check. Dragon type… nnnope!

Well, Heliolisk is in the Dragon Egg Group, at least.

Yeah, but I barely see the point in making this line Normal type. STAB Hyper Voice, yahoo, I guess. But I really think Heliolisk is cool enough to deserve a Dragon typing.

But isn’t the Normal type one of his charms? I mean, based on this “animal” you always mention, he Surfs by running on the water really fast! Isn’t that cooler than being a Dragon who can just do so by virtue of awesome powers?

Huh. You know what, Whimsicott? I’ll give you this one. I take it back, Heliolisk. You’re golden. (… I swear, this one wasn’t on purpose, either.)

Flygon: Ground/Dragon/Bug


Speaking of Pokémon who are in the right Egg Group… the entirety on Flygon’s line is based on the antlion, a bug. Vibrava, in particular, looks exactly like a bug, and Flygon’s “goggles” are exactly the same as some dragonflies’ bubble-like eyes. Sure, Ground and Dragon are great types. But why is Flygon not a Bug type, too?

Well, it is rather large, for a bug.

Scolipede is even bigger, and it gets to be a Bug type! I just think Flygon would be even cooler if it got that typing, too. Bug is such a quirky type, I think it would fit Flygon perfectly. Plus, STAB U-Turn wouldn’t be bad.

Celebi: Psychic/Grass/Fairy


The “Mew-like” Mythical Pokémon were not, at one point, called “the pixie Legendaries” for no reason. The Fairy type would fit most of them perfectly (Jirachi and Mew, anyone?), but by far the one who’d need it the most is Celebi.

Well. Psychic and Grass already fit it perfectly, but…

Yeah, but. This is the first line in Bulbapedia’s description:Celebi is a green fairy-like creature.” Celebi is so blatantly a woodland fairy-pixie-fey thing, it’s not even funny. But alas, when one is a Legendary, and a time-traveling one at that, one must be a Psychic type, and of course Mr. Celery can’t go without a Grass type, either. Although I’m sure if the Fairy type had been around in Gen II, Celebi would have had it somehow.

Absolutely. Ah, the missed opportunity!

I know. Tragic really, although, to be fair, even Fairy type would not help that much with Celebi’s infinite list of weaknesses. But it doesn’t matter. We love Celebi anyway.

Lucario: Fighting/Steel/Psychic


Lucario is the Aura Pokémon. It senses auras, thought and feelings, even from far away. It understands human speech. Everything about Lucario is pretty much the hallmark of a Psychic type (Ralts, anyone?)… so, of course, its typing is Fighting/Steel.

Which is cool, don’t get us wrong.

Of course. But why, why on Arceus’s green PokéEarth isn’t Lucario a Psychic type?!?

Don’t look at me, science can’t explain it, either.

I mean, this is like Psyduck, but somehow worse.

Well, I don’t know about that. Psyduck has a free type slot, so to speak, and yet isn’t a Psychic type…

I know. I guess I’ve had a longer time to come to terms with Psyduck’s typing. Or maybe Psyduck’s thing is that it’s not supposed to have those powers, hence the headaches. Lucario… I got nothing.

Dragalge: Poison/Dragon/Water… and Grass


Now, this one is a total mess. I love leafy sea dragons, and I think they are among the coolest animals ever. They look like pretty, light green seaweeds. When I realized they were making a leafy sea dragon Pokémon, my mind immediately went to Grass/Water (a typing that should really be represented by more than a dancing Mexican pineapple, in my opinion). But no, Skrelp is Poison/Water, for some reason, and Dragalge is Poison/Dragon. (Leafy sea dragons are not poisonous at all.)

Could the reason be “we wanted Poison types to counteract all the Fairies”?

Then they should have made Goodra a Poison type, really. Dragalge ends up with neither of the two types I think it should have! In fact, since we’re doing third types, I’d call for Dragalge being Grass/Water/Dragon. There you have it.

I’ll never be against taking Poison type out of the equation, of course.

Good! So we’re in agreement, and we can move on to our last entry…

Whimsicott: Grass/Fairy/Flying


are you Peckin’ kidding me?

Just hear me out.

No way. Are you seriously conceding this argument to Thatch?

No! He says you actually were a Flying type, which is obviously insane; I’m just saying it would be cool if you were to become one.

I don’t need no stinkin’ Flying type to be cool, thank you very much! I can’t believe this!

But your wind-riding is one of the cooler things about you! Shouldn’t that be better represented? And wouldn’t you like to get STAB on Hurricane? You could fit so nicely on a Rain team!

One, I get soggy in the rain, so goodbye, Flying type! Two, if you simply must use me in that wretched weather, why would you remove my resistance to Thunder? Or make me even weaker to Ice? You’re the insane one, I’m telling you!

You… actually make some fair points.

Ya think?

Fine, fine, I’ll take it back, once again. Even more than Heliolisk, you are perfect just as you are. Am I forgiven?


On what?

On how many Pecha Berries you have on your person right now.

Yup. Perfect and not shallow at all. All right, my dear PUCLonians, what do you think? Are there other Pokémon that should really have a third type? Do you vehemently disagree with some of my choices? Do you think I should have stuck to my guns on Heliolisk and Whimsicott? As usual, Snag will have his Anything Goes on the same subject up tomorrow, and I bet it will be extremely interesting to compare and contrast. Your comments will be greatly appreciated, here or there!

Until next time,

The Fluffiest Whimsicott