Hello, my dear PUCLonians, and welcome to a very special edition of The Fluff! See, after 30 weeks, Snag and I finally got a request for the topic of our articles! It came from The Bocefus himself, as you probably remember from the last show, and he asked us to write about Venusaur. Now, I’m not sure he expected us to actually do it, but guess what, Bo, we were listening. So here we go: these are the reasons Venusaur is awesome!

Pokémon #001


Bulbasaur is the very first Pokémon in the Pokédex, and he’s commonly considered the “easy mode” starter of Generation I. In spite of this, he was probably the least popular Gen I starter in the West, if any poll about Starters ever made on the Internet is a reliable witness. Venusaur was only a cover Pokémon for Green Version, which was a Japanese exclusive, and of course he was competing with a fire-spitting dragon and a turtle with cannons on its back. A flowering, slow-looking frog-dinosaur probably didn’t seem as cool to most Western children.

You weren’t a child, and yet you didn’t pick Bulbasaur, either!

For the umpteenth time, Whimsicott, if you watch the first few episodes of the anime and you don’t want to adopt Charmander, you have no soul. Bulbasaur was an independent, reliable guy who didn’t need silly old me. Plus… I didn’t really like Venusaur’s look. I still don’t fully appreciate it (it’s the little bumps, I’m telling you), and I kinda wish I could have a Bulbasaur with a Venusaur’s stats, because I love our little bulby friend so much, but guess what? The only Nuzlocke I ever finished, to the very end, was a FireRed one, and Kana the Venusaur was my starter. And that was a choice I never once regretted. Kana was bulky, despite her Naive nature. When I stupidly tried to catch Zapdos while underleveled, without checking its moveset, she tanked a Drill Peck. (My beloved Mandy, my Hypno, could not tank the max roll, crit one that came a short while after. Yeah, I’m a dummybear. R.I.P., Mandy.) Those 5 HP Kana lived on were the most precious thing ever.

But you’re still a giant dummybear.

I know. I killed Zapdos, Moltres and my beloved Articuno to avenge Mandy, though. I guess that counts for something.

you just couldn’t catch them, could you?

… er. It was a little of both? Anyway, this is not about my Venusaur. It’s about all Venusaur. Let’s check out some nice facts, shall we?

Pokédex Entries


I’ll sum them up for you: Venusaur feeds on sunlight. His flower absorbs the light to power him up, and spreads a pleasant, soothing fragrance which calms emotions. After a rainy day, the smell of his flower increases and it attracts other Pokémon, but its color gets more vivid when Venusaur has plenty of nutrition and sunlight. He moves to look for the sun, but stays still when he finds it.

Well, that’s pretty much the quintessential Grass type, there.

Yes: Venusaur is the OG Grass Pokémon in more than one way. Interestingly, none of its Pokédex entries refer to its Poison typing in any way.

Which only serves to endear him to us even further.

Yeah. I mean, I always thought it was a bit strange that in the very first Pokémon game, the one that established all the unwritten rules, one of the starters had a dual type from the start. It’s not like I ever forget that Bulbasaur is a Poison type, but… it’s interesting, no? Call it Early Installment Weirdness, if you will, but I like to think that Bulbasaur had Mold Breaker before Abilities were even a thing, by virtue of just not caring. Bulbasaur will do Bulbasaur, and that’s it. If you think about it, it’s a pretty awesome life lesson.

Aren’t you reading too much into it?

Well, maybe into that one detail, but really, isn’t that a vibe the Bulbasaur line just gives off in spades? Have your fire not-really-dragons or your firefighter turtles, kids, I’m a dino-frog with a giant palm tree flower as my main feature, and I’m still as cool as you, if not more. In fact, I’m so cool that I was Red’s starter in the manga.


Well. After Poliwhirl.

Yeah, but I meant, instead of Charmander or Squirtle. Venusaur is protagonist-worthy. In fact, looking at those Pokédex entries, there are lots of reasons someone in the Pokémon world should pick Bulbasaur as their starter.


First off, as Professor Oak says right away, Bulbasaur is easy to raise. He feeds mostly on sunlight, which is as cheap a food as they come. If you’re starting from Pallet, going through Viridian Forest will take some patience, but guess who won’t have you running back to the Pokémon Center every five minutes or stuffing your pockets with all of your money’s worth in Antidotes? Yup! Bulbasaur can’t be poisoned by the five million Weedle throwing themselves at you in there.

Which also means I can keep eating all the Pecha Berries myself. Truly, Bulbasaur is a wise choice for everyone.

Bulbasaur will make both Brock and Misty cry, will laugh at Surge’s Electric attacks, and will, once again, resist any attempt to poison him from Erika and Koga. Sure, Sabrina will be a drag, but guess what? Wait for a rainy day, then go out and let Venusaur’s scent bring all the Pokémon to your backyard. Catch as needed, make an awesome team, complete the Pokédex, steamroll through any remaining Gym.

And what about the Elite Four? With a little patience, Venusaur’s Leech Seed will eat through even Lance’s Dragons, possibly saving you a handful of Poké dollars on healing items, too. And when you finally beat Blue/Green/Jerkface for the last time, you’ll be able to tell him: “Of course you always wanted to smell me later! My Venusaur smells amazing. Enjoy your Charizard’s Eau de Burnt Sulfur, dear, we’re off to be Champions!”

You call your rival “dear”?

I’ve known him forever, and I’m a sweet girl. You know, when I’m not having my Pokémon beat his Pokémon to a pulp.

Venusaur in Competitive Battles


And here comes the beauty of it. Boo-hoo, Charizard got two super-cool Megas! Mega Blastoise can punch people in the face, then shoot his arm cannon! Mega Venusaur… gets an extra flower on his butt?

Yes, that was possibly a poor design choice.

Well, first of all, if you’re really attached to Charizard-Y, plain Chlorophyll Venusaur is not a terrible teammate for him. Just saying. But! Of all of the Kanto starters’ Mega Evolutions, Venusaur might just have the scariest one, butt flowers notwithstanding. Sure, SovietThatch is Trogdor the Roasting Burninator, and Charizard-X should not be allowed to Dragon Dance under any circumstances.

Unless I’m there to Encore him into it and then U-Turn into, say, someone with Outrage. Or Earthquake. Or Stone Edge. Teeheehee.

But their popularity means there are plenty of ways to stop them going around, as you so eloquently pointed out. When I see a Charizard in team preview, I’m not too worried. (And not just because I usually try to have Stealth Rock on my team.) When I see a Venusaur, I start sweating, because that thing? Just. Doesn’t. Die.

Well, it obviously has counters, too.

Obviously. But guess what, I once saw a Mega Venusaur tank a Brave Bird and take down a Talonflame. A Psychic from a Mega Alakazam or from a Life Orb Alakazam isn’t even guaranteed to bring down a defensive Mega Venusaur from full health! I’m telling you. Mega Venusaur is one of the hardest things to kill you can find on your path. And if you want to go offensive with him, he can pack a really mean punch.

Shush, please, or I’ll have nightmares about Sludge Bomb all night.

Yeah. Prompted by the Venusaur love-fest of the last episode, I finally decided to get my own competitive one this week. I’m usually very lucky with breeding Eggs, getting the one I want within hours or even minutes, so I want you to know that me spending two days on this, and hatching six perfect 5IV Bulbasaur with Overgrow before finally getting a Chlorophyll one, is a sign of some serious commitment. It’s a boy, so I can’t name him Kana… I’m considering Bocefus, of course, but if you have some brilliant nicknames for a male Mega Venusaur, feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments. Keep in mind that, for some reason, the obligatory Egg moves on his ancestor from the distant lands of Wonder Trade included Charm. (Which, three pages in, finally explains the title of this article). So he’s a pretty enchanting fellow.

Well, he’s not as handsome as Empoleon… or TheShiniest… but he’s still level 1, I’m sure he’ll grow into it.

Even if you have no nicknames for me, you know I always love it when you leave a comment… but this week, if you’re short on time or words, I’d hold onto them for Snag’s Anything Goes article, coming tomorrow. He has a very special tribute to the Venusaur line in store for Bo and all of you, and you really don’t want to miss it.

Until next time,

The Fluffiest Whimsicott