The Foresight: A Money Making Guide

Hey PUCLonians! Welcome to the third edition of The Foresight! Where I guide you on how to become the best there ever was! The last two articles showed you how to breed and train your Pokemon to be the best competitive Pokemon they can be, but everything that makes these things easier costs money! So I thought this week I’d make a guide about the best ways to obtain currencies of all kinds in GEN VI games! That’s right, this will apply to both XY and ORAS. There are three types of currency that you would want to get in the game (pertaining to competitive battling of course!). Those are Battle Points, Poke Dollars, and Pokemiles.


Battlepoints are probably the hardest out of the three to get a lot of, but the items you can get with them are definitely worth the trouble. There are three reliable methods for getting Battle Points (BP): PokeBank, Battle Maison, and Battle Institute. All are preferred depending on your demand of BP. PokeBank are the easiest to get, because you get them for waiting. This method is probably best for the casual players that don’t play in-game too much. The Battle Institute is great if you want to pick up around 10 BP very quickly. That, and for reasons I’ll explain later on in the article. The Battle Maison is definitely the most tedious of the three, but is great if you like playing in-game, and don’t mind working up a win streak. After 20 wins on super singles the payout becomes well worthwhile. I usually end up accruing the most BP from checking into my Bank from time to time, but when I really need BP, the fastest way is the Battle Maison.

Here are the cool battle items you can get from the Battle Points you earn.

Battle Items
Name Picture Description BP Cost
Toxic Orb   Poisons the holder. 16 BP
Flame Orb   Burns the holder. 16 BP
Power Herb   A single-use item to be held by a Pokémon. It allows the immediate use of a move that charges on the first turn. 32
Absorb Bulb   A consumable bulb. If the holder is hit by a Water-type move, its Sp. Atk will rise. 32
Cell Battery   A consumable battery. If the holder is hit by an Electric-type move, its Attack will rise. 32
Red Card   When the holder is struck by a foe, the attacker is removed from battle. 32
Eject Button   If the holder is hit by an attack, it will be switched out of battle. 32
Weakness Policy   If the holder is hit with an attack that it is weak against, their ATK and SPA are raised by two stages. 32
Choice Specs   Raises the SPA of the holder by 50%, but they are locked to that move until they are switched out. 48
Choice Scarf   Raises the SPE of the holder by 50%, but they are locked to that move until they are switched out. 48
Choice Band   Raises the ATK of the holder by 50%, but they are locked to that move until they are switched out. 48
Assault Vest   Raises the SPD of the holder by 50%, but they are locked to attacking moves only. 48
Focus Sash   If the holder has full HP, the holder will endure a KO if 1 HP left. 48
Life Orb   Raises the damage of moves from the holder by 30%, but they are damaged by 10% full their Max HP each turn. 48
Air Balloon   When held by a Pokémon, the Pokémon will float into the air. When the holder is attacked, this item will burst. 48

You can also get your EV training items as well. 2 BP per vitamin and 16 BP per Power Item.


The formula for the amount of BP you can get from Pokebank (per day) is as follows:

Battle Points Earned Per Day = (( [ Total number of Pokemon in Bank previous day/ 3000 ] * 100 ) – 1) * 10%

The BP earned is calculated after a 24hr period. They calculate this by taking the percentage of how many Pokemon you have in your bank, by the total number of slots available. For some reason they subtract the percentage by one (I have no clue why). Finally, we take ten percent of all this because the answer we got was for Pokemiles and you get Battle Points equal to 10% of the amount of Pokemiles you can get.

Battle Maison

In XY the Maison is located in Kiloude City and in ORAS it is at the Battle Resort. The basic layout of the battle Maison is that you pick a battle format, then consecutively battle harder and harder teams to get a win streak. This is the time to bust out those Mega Khan and Greninja sets you never used and start using incredibly broken Pokemon to win your way to the top! In the normal battles, you only go through 19 Battles until you face the Battle Chatelaine of that format. They are super predictable and easily defeated, then they unlock the super battles for that format. In super battles it takes 49 wins to get to the Battle Chatelaine. Here is a little table to show you what BP you get from which win streak.

Battle Points
Win Streak Normal Super
1-10 1 2
11-19 2 3
20 (Chatelaine) 20
21-30 4
31-40 5
41-49 6
50 (Chatelaine) 50
51 and more 7

Battle Institute

Here are the Ranks along with how many BP you get for each rank:

Battle Points
Rank Point Range BP Gain
Beginner Rank (0-999) 3 BP
Novice Rank (1,000-1,999) 5 BP
Normal Rank (2,000-2,999) 7 BP
Super Rank (3,000-3,999) 9 BP
Hyper Rank (4,000-4,999) 11 BP
Elite Rank (5,000-5,999) 13 BP
Master Rank (6,000 or more) 15 BP (and a PP up!)

Below are how points are gained and taken away:

  • 1000 points per battle won
  • 80 points per opposing Pokémon fainted
  • 5 points per switch
  • 1 point per super-effective attack
  • 4 points per opposing attack that is rendered ineffective (either from type immunities, Levitate, or a status attack that the Pokémon is immune to due to its type)
  • 2 points per opposing attack that is rendered not very effective
  • 30 points if a battle was won with the opposing side taking at least one turn, 15 points if a battle was won without the opposing side taking a turn
  • -80 points per Pokémon fainted
  • -10 points per turn
  • -10 points per ineffective attack against the opponent (on the same basis as the above)
  • -2 points per resisted attack against the opponent
  • 1 point per percent of HP remaining after each battle



So I’d love to say that once you beat the game you will have accumulated enough Pokedollars to never need money again, but that’s not the case. With enough times breeding and buying all those vitamins and TMs, you’re gonna need to get more. For XY, hands down, do Le Wow Restaurant Battles! You will get rich. But, for ORAS there are two reliable methods: fighting the Elite Four or battling the Interviewers (No, not Seth Rogan and James Franco).

Prize power & Amulet Coin/Luck Incense

Before I get into those methods I would like to quickly go over ways to boost your PokeDollar output. The Prize Money O-Power in XY can be found in the Cyllage City Hotel and in ORAS the O power can be found with all the others in Mawville city. The first level adds 50% of your total amount, to your winnings. Level two doubles it, and level three triples it. The amulet coin double your earnings and is found in the Parfum Palace in XY while in ORAS your mother gives it to you after the sixth gym. The Luck Incense does the same as the amulet coin, but it’s different in that you can get more than one. XY has you going to a small stall at Coumarine city (The side without the Pokemon Center). In ORAS you go to a similar place at the Slateport city market.

Elite Four (Rematch)

Ok! Now down to the knitty gritty! The largest money output is hands down from rematching the Elite Four. Each of the five trainers you fight will get you a sizable amount, but it is often tedious to go through it.


The Interviews are the double battling duo that in the first six battles, grow stronger and ask you to comment on the match each time, but once they stop growing, they start paying out. The first route they are in is the Route above Mawville city, the second is on Route 118, then the third spot is on route 120. Sure, this method doesn’t pay out as much per battle compared to the Elite Four, but you can effectively go through the battles much faster than them. This balances matters out.


Ok, I’m not going to lie, Pokemiles on a normal basis are pretty much useless. They allow you to purchase very generic items that would be much easier to just buy in-game. However; there are two items that make Pokemiles worth while. Rare Candies and PP ups. There are two ways to buy


Obtaining Pokemile through Pokebank is via the same formula, but without that whole 10% thing.

PokeMiles Earned Per Day = ( [ Total number of Pokemon in Bank previous day / 3000 ] * 100 ) – 1

Street Pass

You also get Pokemiles with each street pass. The amount you get varies depending on how far away that person came from, but these are not frequent enough to completely rely on.


Wondertrading is probably the most reliable method of obtaining Pokemiles. Each trade gets you about under 100 Pokemiles, but this varies again by how far the Pokemon has traveled.

Well, that’s about it for this guide! I hope this makes your competitive aspirations that much easier! I also wanted to thank SublimeManic and Scron for writing articles about my favorite Pokemon. You can see that even though I have a certain knowledge about competitive singles play, I still won’t let that affect my favorite Pokemon. In fact, it shows some skill to be able to navigate Pokemon less frequently used, so thank you both! You are both wonderful writers. If you haven’t read their content, check out Sublime’s Double Trouble Articles and Scron’s In The Meta! See ya later PUCL Folk!

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