*Disclaimer: The Gloom is a satire piece. All names are made up and situations described are not real. Please enjoy this piece with levity.*


In the recent Sun and Moon demo, some players began to data mine and found a lot of information about the forth coming games. I do apologize for the minor spoilers, and I know it is hard for some of you to hear, but there is not Alolan Charizard in these games. Some fans took this news very hard to say the least.

Van Usar is a life long Pokemon fan who has been playing the games since the beginning. “It’s a shame, really. Charizard is one of the most underrated Pokemon in the franchise. They really should have done something to put this Pokemon in the lime-light.”

Some fans not only think Charizard is being cheated, but that they have been cheated, as well. Blaise Tois has a similar sentiment about the news. “Charizard is just getting the short end of the stick. I waited for Mega Charizard Z for months! Months, I say! And now this outrage! Inconceivable!” I don’t think that means what she thinks it means.

“With an action like this, Charizard will easily fall out of the memory of most fans,” says Rachel Yu as she submits her preorder for Pokemon Sun on Amazon. “A Pokemon like this needs to be in the forefront in the minds of fans. Being prominently featured in games like Pokken Tournament, Mystery Dungeon, Super Smash Bros. and having its own Amiibo is hardly sufficient to keep Charizard relevant to fans. Hopefully, it can make a come back in the Diamond and Pearl remakes.”

Charizard has been a Pokemon that has been beloved by fans since the advent of these games. It has been confirmed that Charizard will play a role in SuMo as a mount in with the new Poke Ride system that appears to be replacing HMs. One can only hope that Charizard remains in the hearts of fans in this new role as these new games come out, and isn’t cast to the wayside the same way that… wait… were there other Generation 1 starters? I forget.

-Prof. Snag