*Disclaimer: The Gloom is a satire piece. All names are made up and situations described are not real. Please enjoy this piece with levity.*


Pokemon Go Plus, the accessory to this summer’s greatest hit in the App Store and Google Play, is finally out today, as fall approaches. It has been over two months since the game debuted, and many people are confused as to why the accessory is just releasing now. Prof. Snag was out on the beat interviewing people for their thoughts on the long awaited device.

Pokemon Go player, Adrianne Sultana, was excited when the game first came out, but has now lost interest. “If this would have been out in July, I would have paid anything for it. But now I deleted the game from my phone,” Sultana said.

Others have had surprising packages show up at their door. Jeffery Cockburn had jumped on the Pokemon Go hype train when it started, but his interest waned pretty quickly. “Yeah, today this package just showed up at my door and I thought my wife had ordered something on Amazon. Turns out it was this red and white piece of plastic for that Pokey-man game. I’m filling out the return form to send it back,” Cockburn says with a look of a man who is going to get his $35 back.

But not all people have lost interest. Pokemon enthusiast Waldo Russell was enthused when his order came. He describes the course of events that led to this moment, “I put in a preorder for 3 of these (one for each team of course) when the game was revealed at E3. I have been tracking the order each day to see when they would arrive. When I finally saw that the order had shipped, I waited for the delivery man to show up. I had to chastise him for not taking the most direct route to get here. But I finally have them!” When asked if he was excited to finally use it to catch Pokemon he said, “Oh, no, I’m not going to catch Pokemon with these. I already caught them all and, also, I have an Apple Watch, why would I use this?”

The game is still popular and the Pokemon Go Plus will have many people out looking to buy one. Nintendo will definitely be looking to make a well deserved profit from this device (since this was part of they game they actually had a hand in). By no means do they need the other millions of dollars they would have made by releasing on time and striking while the iron was hot, rather than with the current lukewarm iron.

-Prof Snag