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The Splash: Pokemon Regrets

The Splash: Pokemon Regrets

Greetings Pucl! This week on The Splash I discuss my top 5 Pokemon regrets. Pokemon regrets are things that I have always meant to do in Pokemon, but for various reasons never actually gotten around to. They will be ordered from 5, being the least regretted, to 1 most regretted.

Here we go

Number 5: Training an Aerodactyl


Ever since Pokemon Red I have always liked Aerodactyl, its a fast Flying/Rock type, that uses its massive jaws and darting claws to destroy its prey. Its design is good, and its Mega is awesome! Every Pokemon game I think to myself, this is the game, I will be sure to make this Flying Fossil part of my team. However; somewhere during my play through I  either forget, or end up integrating a different flyer. Overall, I think the lateness Fossil Pokemon were often able to be revitalized, has worked against Aerodactyl, usually by the time I can get a Aerodactyl my team is set. Oh well, maybe next time. (I say for at least the 12th time)

Number 4: Un-Caught Legendaries


Ever since I rejoined the Pokemon world 6 years ago, I have yet to capture all the legendary Pokemon in a game, excluding FireRed. All of the Pokemon games I have put hundreds of hours into had Legendary Pokemon still roaming around. In Platinum it was Uxie and Mesprit, the effort to get something the same as Azelf didn’t seem worth it. My Dialga and Palkia also remained unfound, and uncaught. In Heartgold a whole slew of Legendary Pokemon roamed free. In Pokemon Y I never got around to capturing Zygarde. Finally, in Omega Ruby I have yet to look for a single Legendary not found as part of the story.

My biggest problem with Legendary Pokemon, is often they just sat in my box. I would get really jazzed up, spend several hours roaming, False Swiping, Sporing and finally that rocking Pokeball would stop moving, and then I would have a new Legendary to fill up my Legendary Box, just seemed pointless. Even once I began battling some, my friends and I all agreed no Legendaries. With me tentatively stepping into PUCL competitions, I may try to reevaluate my use of Legendaries, but soft resetting seems like such a pain.

Basically to sum it up, Legendary Pokemon = a lot of trouble, for seeming little use.

Number 3: My basic Secret Base :(.


When PUCL began hyping up ORAS, Secret Bases were one of the things I was really excited about. I thought it would be cool to spend quite a bit of time getting mine just right, and with the PUCL community people may actually visit it! Bug Gym Secret Base here I come!

However; I have never gotten around to actually doing much with my base. I have some decorations up, but that’s it. My dreams of running a Bug Gym remain unfulfilled and dusty :/. I think the major barrier for me here is that most of my Pokemon time is now spent trying to breed teams, or playing my Wonderlock Pokemon Y. Oh well, maybe one day Secret Base…

Number 2: I have never completed a Pokedex.



The holy grail for many trainer, I have never actually achieved a completed Pokedex. I have set out on this quest several times, and even came close a few times, but I haven’t quite made it. With the GTS available this objective is even more doable then before; however, it remains something far, far out of my grasp.

Perhaps the saddest thing about this is that I came closest to completing a Pokedex when I was 10 in Pokemon Red, just needing the other starters and Eevee evolutions. Now as a 25 year old, I can’t remain as focused as my 10 year old self…

I am currently moving towards a completed Pokedex, using the Pokemon Bank to have a collection organized in order. I still have a very far way to go though, and my devotion to the quest ebs more then it flows.

Finally, drum roll please, my biggest Pokemon Regret.

Number 1: I have never faced Red in Gold, Silver, Crystal, Heartgold, or Soulsilver.


Despite a stupid amount of hours invested into Pokemon Heartgold (between my 2 main play-thrus I think I had over 500 hours) I never made the pilgrimage up Mount Silver to face the most powerful NPC of Pokemon History, Red.

Part of this was because I frequently got distracted by other things in the game, bouncing between completing my Pokedex, catching legendaries, the Pokeathalon, and training a team to face Red. With so many goals, I was never really able to fully achieve any.

I was also held back by how powerful Red’s team was, and how many HMs were needed to reach him. It was tough to make a team capable of reaching him AND beating him, much less training that team up to a level capable of the feat.

This remains my biggest Pokemon Regret, as I really feel like I never actually “beat” Heartgold without having achieved this. Perhaps the most disappointing thing is, with all the nice features new games have provided, better graphics, quick movement, quicker leveling, ect., it is really tough to get jazzed up and venture back to Heartgold. Maybe one day…

What are your biggest Pokemon regrets? Have you beaten Red? Have you completed a Pokedex? What do you think about my regrets?

Well that is it from me for this week, until next week I have been Beorn!